Best Free Logo Maker: 10 Best Tools

Branding may not be easy, but the best free logo makers will give you an edge in your process. You need to consider many things when creating a logo, and conducting solid research and understanding the customer’s needs is the best way forward. But sometimes, things need to move quickly, with quick visual inspiration, and this is where these logo makers can help.

Here, we’ve picked out the ten best free logo makers around, which will help you create tons of bright-looking logos in minutes (check out our logo design tips for more help). Many of these options will allow you to download a low-resolution version of the logo for free, but you’ll have to pay a reasonable fee for a scalable vector version. If you’d rather keep things accessible, there are many other options in our best free logo maker software post. Try the best free graphic design software.

1. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Logo Maker is our top pick of the best free logo maker right now to make a suitable logo for your brand quickly. I will question all pertinent details before providing you with a custom logo that you can modify until satisfied.

2. Wix Logo Maker

You don’t even have to think about your brand with the Wix Logo Maker; you can use the Wix Online Business Name Generator. Once it collects information about your business and your visual preferences, it will provide you with a logo that you can edit and download.

3. Looka Logo Maker

If you’ve got five minutes, that’s long enough to generate your brand with Looka’s AI-powered logo maker. It will work with your company name and business and your visual preferences to generate your unique logo and provide you with a brand kit to match.

4. Hatchful

Shopify’s Hatchful is one of the simplest free logo makers we’ve ever seen. Provide it with some valuable facts about the business you need a logo for, decide the logo style you need and how you would like to use it, and it will generate a pile of potential logos for you to browse. Once you’ve found the one that’s right for you, you can adjust the font, palette, icon, and layout until everything is in place, then download your logo in all the shapes you’ll need.

5. Ucraft Logo Maker

For a more handy tool, Ucraft’s Logo Maker offers you enough tools to create your logo from scratch in no time. A primary vector editor gives you a vast selection of icons to play with and integrate with text, shapes, and colors until you get your look. You can get your finished logo as a PNG for free; if you prefer a scalable SVG, you can get it for just $ 12.

6. LogoMakr

A better, slightly more sophisticated free logo maker option comes in LogoMakr. It offers the same essential tools as Ucraft but with a friendlier front-end and more options and fonts; the only thing we would like to see to make this best free logo maker even better is the ability to use flat gradients and fills.

Again it is a matter of finding a suitable icon and inserting all the text and shape elements necessary to create the logo design.

7. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill Logo Maker is also easy to create a great-looking logo for virtually any business quickly. It starts by having you provide all the essential information it needs – the name of the company and the nature of the business, favorite symbols, and color schemes – and then use that to generate a collection of professional-looking logos that you can customize.

8. DesignEvo

Whether you want to create a logo from scratch or work from a ready-made template, DesignEvo can help you. It has a searchable selection of over 10,000 templates, allowing you to find a good starting point for your logo quickly. If you’d instead do it yourself, you can start with a blank layout and build a logo using symbols, shapes, and fonts. When you’re done, download a low-resolution logo for free; for scalable vector versions, prices start at $ 24.99.

9. Canva Logo Maker

Canva’s online design tools cover a lot more than logos, but if a logo is all you are looking for, it’s ready and waiting to help you with its Logo Maker, which we call one of the best free logos creation tools. In circulation.

Like many online logo makers, it will ask you about your company and have you select a handful of templates that you like the look of before it comes up with a design that you can customize using its intuitive tools.

There are many free items to play with; if you need more choice, you can pay to use a more extensive selection of premium items. Once done, you can download your finished logo for free as a print-ready PNG or PDF.

10. MarkMaker

MarkMaker is one of the best logo makers. Using a simple and intelligent approach to creating a suitable logo, type in a company name, start generating suggestions, and click on the ones you like will never again create informed designs from your preferences.

You can further influence the process by putting information about what your brand does. Keep scrolling and clicking until something you like comes out, then hit the edit button to refine it; there are tons of options and sliders to play around with until you hit the right spot so that you can download your logo as a PNG or SVG; both are free, but you can make a small donation if you want.

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