Benjamin Kickz Net Worth

Besides being a rap artist, Benjamin Kickz is also an entrepreneur. He started reselling sneakers on social media. This has helped him gain a huge following and become a celebrity. There are various brands that have approached Benjamin to sell their sneakers. He has also partnered with DJ Khaled to promote his venture. This has been a huge success and he has earned a net worth of $2.5 million.

The young man was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States. His parents are Russian immigrants. He was homeschooled and skipped fourth grade. In high school, he had a plan to start a sneaker business. After purchasing his first sneakers, he began putting his plan into action. He started to sell sneakers to his friends. His first sale came from one of his friends.

He later traded his sneakers to a store called Sneaker Don. The store owner claimed that his collection of sneakers was worth $50 thousand. Later, Benjamin was arrested and charged with felony robbery. He was also charged with stealing a phone. The victim had to be hospitalized. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office confirmed that he was arrested.

Benjamin was born on October 14, 1999. He was a religious person. His parents were not wealthy and he had to manage his educational expenses. He later chose to homeschool himself. He was very passionate about shoes. As a child, he bought a pair of 800 dollar shoes. After his parents moved to the United States, he began to buy more branded sneakers. He later became the center of attention in school when he wore shoes. His parents noticed his passion and supported him. He became known as “Sneaker Don” by his friends and fans.

Benjamin Kickz is a promising young man who has great potential. He has worked with a number of high profile people and his career has grown to include various pop culture events. Despite his success, he is still very private and will not talk about his personal life. He has two children.

Benjamin Kickz’s net worth is $2.5 million. He has a YouTube channel with 129K subscribers. He also has a Facebook page with 4.1 million followers. He has one million Instagram followers. The young man has a great love for jewelry and he has a vast collection of expensive jewelry. He is also a huge fan of hip-hop. He is also a religious person and has a passion for sneakers. He has helped many people around the world. Moreover, he has made a great contribution in the media. His net worth is expected to grow in the coming years. He is very talented and has the potential to become a superstar.

Benjamin Kickz has not yet found a significant partner. He is dating Audreyana Michelle, a social media personality. She has worked for Fashion Nova, Marc Jacobs, Slate Swim, and ColourPop Cosmetics. She is expecting a child in March 2021.

Benjamin’s love life is not as active as his business life. He has no girlfriend. However, he has had a relationship with his sister. He has also dated a model.