Benjamin Bronfman Net Worth

Despite what you may think, Benjamin Bronfman isn’t quite the richest musician in the world. That honor goes to Justin Bieber, who’s worth an estimated $10 million. However, he’s only part of a long line of music stars who’ve made millions of dollars.

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During the past few years, Benjamin Bronfman has made a name for himself as a musician. He has been a guitarist in the band The Exit.

However, Benjamin Bronfman is more than just a musician. He is also an entrepreneur and an environmentalist. He is the co-founder of the Green Owl record label. He has also founded Algae Systems, a bio-fuel company that uses waste water from cities to generate jet fuel.

In 2007, Benjamin Bronfman decided to work on a project to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. He teamed up with a Columbia University economist named Graciela Chichilinsky.

In 2010, Benjamin Bronfman was named the Strategic Advisor of Global Thermostat, a firm that aims to reduce the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide. He also co-produced the song “New Slaves” by Kanye West. In 2013, Benjamin Bronfman received a Grammy nomination for co-producing the song.

During his early years, Benjamin Bronfman played music. He later studied at The Collegiate School, NYC, and Emerson College, Boston, MA. He studied Politics and Law. However, he did not complete his studies. He later dropped out and focused on environmental issues.

Benjamin Bronfman has worked with designers and engineers on his various projects. He has also invested in companies that promote environmental sustainability. He also presented his vision as a TED speaker at Pratt University. He has been awarded the Impact Entrepreneur Award at the Annual Sustainable Design Awards in 2014.

Benjamin Bronfman has been engaged to British recording artist M.I.A. since 2009. However, they have separated since 2012. As of 2016, they have a son together.

Benjamin Bronfman has a net worth of over $100 million. He is the son of billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr.


Having a net worth of $100 million, Benjamin Bronfman is an American entrepreneur, environmentalist and musician. He is the son of former Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr., and his mother is actress and activist Sherri Brewer. Bronfman was born on 6 August 1982, in New York City. He attended The Collegiate School and Emerson College in Boston.

In 2007, Bronfman launched a music label called Green Owl, which is part of Warner Music Group. The label is meant to promote environmentally friendly music and apparel. Its first single debuted on the Fader website on July 12, 2010. The label is also known for its recycling efforts. Its tour buses run on vegetable oil and its albums are printed on recycled vinyl.

Bronfman is an environmentalist, and has teamed up with Columbia University economist Graciela Chichilinsky on a project to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide. He is also involved with a firm called Global Thermostat, which is an environmental technology firm.

As for Benjamin Bronfman’s other notable achievements, he co-produced a song for Kanye West and worked on a project at the Stanford Research Institute to create the world’s first pilot plant for biofuel. He is also the founder of Teachers, a music collective that worked with Kanye West on the “Monster” single. He is also a guitarist for the band The Exit. The Exit has released two studio albums, and Bronfman has also appeared in the band’s music videos.

He has an estimated net worth of $100 million, which is not bad for an indie musician who is also a passionate environmentalist. He has not revealed his exact height, but he looks a little tall in the photos.