Benefits of a B&W Graphite Lube Plate

Graphite lube plates are great for a variety of reasons. First, they prevent the plate from being dry, which can be a safety hazard, and second, they are a great way to lubricate your trailer and prevent grease from getting on your trailer wheels. These lubricating discs fit right onto the kingpin of the trailer and attach to the 5th wheel. They also provide continuous lubrication, which provides for safer trailing.

Another benefit of using lube plates is the ease of installation. You can install them on the hitch itself, or on the kingpin box. This version of the lube plate is not as common as other cheaper options, but installation is fairly simple. You should start by cleaning the kingpin and pinbox area with a degreasing solution before installing the plate.

Another benefit is that it protects the inner components of the hitch, preventing friction and vibration. Most plates are made of polyethylene, but some newer ones contain graphite, which is a more durable material that will withstand friction on the hitch and kingpin. They can also be used with any standard hitch.

When purchasing a lube plate, you should make sure to choose one that is the proper thickness. If you go for a thin plate, it may be too thin and rub the pin box against the hitch plate. Additionally, you should make sure that the lube plate is compatible with the hitch model you have.