Becky Acre Net Worth – How Much is Becky Worth?

Whether you’re interested in buying an acre homestead, preserving food, or preserving your own memories, Becky’s YouTube channel is a great place to get inspired! She’s also a wonderful person to talk to!

Her YouTube channel

Cathy McMillan and her husband, Dan, are interested in homesteading and wanted to live off the land instead of relying on the food supply chain. They began their pursuit of homesteading by growing food in a garden on their property. They then decided to move away from the city and live off the land. They wanted to be more independent in the food they eat and also to have more control over the food they buy. They are interested in square foot gardening and container gardening as well.

Becky Acre is an online personality and blogger who focuses on homesteading and farming. Her content is popular amongst people of all ages and backgrounds. She produces videos on a wide range of topics including gardening, harvesting, and more. Her videos can be found on YouTube and she has over 500 subscribers. She has a net worth of $386,133 through 31 May 2022. She is married to the owner of the Acre Homestead. Currently, she lives in Longview, Texas. She is related to David Jones and Heather Christina Jones. She has lived in Kelso, Las Vegas, and Anchorage. She has a mailing address and phone number. You can find the complete video on her YouTube channel. Whether you are interested in homesteading or not, her videos are entertaining and informative.

Becky Jones’s homesteading lifestyle has led her to produce hundreds of pounds of food per year. She has preserved food by freezing green beans, berries, and corn. She has also experimented with fermentation and dried herbs. Her family has kept cows and goats for over 100 years.

Her background

Known as Becky the Homesteader, Becky Acre is an American YouTube content creator who has been making money on her channel and podcast. Her videos are focused on farming and harvesting. Her content is popular and is enjoyable to audiences of all ages. As of November 2022, Becky’s Homestead has a net worth of $33,000. She also earns money from sponsored ads on her YouTube channel.

She is based in Southwest Washington, United States. Her family has been keeping cows and goats for more than a century. She has also been living in Las Vegas, Kelso, and Longview. She is also the executive director of Oregon Child Abuse Solutions. Her website sells products related to homesteading. She has over 500 connections on her social media accounts. She also has an address and phone number.

Her YouTube channel has a large number of subscribers and views. Her video content is also entertaining and enjoyable for viewers of all ages. She is currently earning $386,133 through May 2022. She is also a popular social media influencer. She has several YouTube channels that focus on farming and harvesting. She also writes for several websites. She has an estimated net worth of $32.9 thousand to $56.7 thousand.