BearTek Net Worth 2021

Among the many tech companies in the DC area, one has caught the attention of the general public: BearTek. The company, founded by cousins Willie Blount and Tarik Rodgers, manufactures a blue tooth glove that allows you to remotely operate digital devices, like your cellphone. Originally launched on Kickstarter, the company has since shuttered its website, leaving only one Facebook page and a few Twitter feeds. Currently, the company is working on a developer kit to enable third parties to create gadgets that will interact with the glove.

The company has made a splash in the tech world with its blue tooth glove and GoPro cameras, but its competitors in the space are numerous. The company has been spotted in a ski resort, and it makes sense, given its target market: the outdoor enthusiast. Initially conceived as a blue tooth glove, BearTek has since expanded to include a line of gloves with the same functionalities, and it also makes smartphones, skis and snowboards. As of January 2022, the company’s products can be purchased on Amazon. Its a pity that its website no longer exists.

In the early days of BearTek, the company sold over 15,000 gloves and made a profit of $200k. A series of collaborations with the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship helped the company make the transition from start up to go to market. In a few years, the company has sold over 2 million pairs of gloves and made more than $90 million in revenue. The company has also racked up over a million dollars in Kickstarter donations. But the best part is that the company has reimbursed its backers.

The company also wowed viewers of Shark Tank, which it has a starring role in. One of the more popular episodes of the show saw the company’s CEO Tarik Rodgers give a demo of the gloves and how they work. Tarik also mentioned the company’s collaboration with the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, which is said to have helped the company’s success. The gloves are made of a durable plastic that withstands crashes, and are a big hit with outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and the military. Interestingly enough, the company has a line of ski gloves as well, but these haven’t caught on yet.

The company has also made its mark in the fashion and cosmetics industries, where it manufactures jewelry organizers, earring organizers, and more. Its founders are also on the lookout for some assistance in the production of their gloves. They have made a few minor tweaks to the original product since its debut in 2012, and are looking to expand their operations.

In short, the company has made its mark with its one-of-a-kind blue tooth glove, and has done well in its niche markets. With its impressive marketing and sales tactics, the company has made an impact on the tech world, and is poised for continued growth.