BC Rich Mockingbird Exotic Classic

The Mockingbird family of guitars has a few distinct models. The Mockingbird ST is the most popular, featuring a Quad Bridge and DiMarzio D Activator Pickups. These pickups provide an excellent tone and are controlled by a variety of switches and knobs. The Mockingbird ST also features a no-heel neck-through body construction, and a 5-position varitone filter knob.

The Mockingbird was originally hand-made in Rico’s custom shop, but modern models are Korean-made. The neck-through construction contributes to the guitar’s sustain and tone, and the mahogany body and maple neck have ebony fretboards. The Mockingbird is equipped with two Rockfield humbucking pickups and a Floyd Rose tremolo.

The Mockingbird’s body shape is well suited to rock styles, and the guitar’s fast, sleek neck offers a comfortable playability. The fretboard is also well rounded, making it an ideal choice for a variety of rock styles. The finish is also a unique trait, bringing it up a notch from other import guitars.

The BC Rich Mockingbird Exotic Classic guitar has neck-through construction, a beveled maple top, and maple neck core. These features provide excellent playability, and the guitar is in excellent condition. It also includes the original hardshell case. It is difficult to find a guitar of this quality in its size and price range, but this one is a great deal!