BB Frosch Paint Transformer Review

The BB Frosch Paint Transformer is a product that transforms ordinary paint into a unique finish. The company’s motto is “Leave people better than we found them.” This product gives your furniture a second life. Just mix one cup of the product with one cup of water, and the paint will transform like a donut glaze.

BB Frosch Paint Transformer is 100% natural and works with any brand and color of paint. It provides the smooth, textured finish and excellent coverage of chalk paint without all the harmful ingredients you’ll find in many DIY recipes. The powder is easy to mix and works well with any latex or acrylic paint.

Chalk paint can be expensive to buy. While a gallon of premade chalk paint can cost up to $160, BB Frosch’s paint transformer makes chalk paint more affordable. The powder costs about $40 and can make one gallon of paint. This price fluctuates based on the economy, but the BB Frosch Paint Transformer allows you to make more chalk paint at a lower cost.