Barry Hankerson Net Worth

Barry Hankerson was born in Chicago, Illinois, and is one of the wealthiest African-Americans. In addition to his fame, he is also the father of Shanga Hankerson, 45. His father is the 75-year-old record producer and founder of Blackground Records. He is also the uncle of singer Aaliyah. In addition, he has three children from previous relationships.

Hankerson began his career as a television producer in Detroit. He has since gone on to work with several top artists, including R. Kelly, Toni Braxton, and Aaliyah. He also produces films like “The Obama Effect” and has also given back to charity. According to some sources, his net worth is $20 million.

In addition to his music career, Hankerson has also been an active politician and record producer in his native Michigan. He started his own record label, Blackground Records, in 1988, and was a television producer and politician in Detroit. The music business has given him a considerable amount of wealth.

Originally from Harlem, New York, Hankerson attended Central State University and studied sociology. He then auditioned for the New York Jets and was later signed to the team. After graduating from college, he moved to Detroit where he worked for the mayor of the city. He was also involved in the production of ‘Pipe Dreams’, which starred Gladys Knight. Additionally, he produced “Don’t Get God Started” by Ron Milner.

Hankerson is the father of three children. His daughter, Aaliyah, is famous. His other children include Jomo Hankerson and Shanga Hankerson. He was married to Jomo Hankerson for four years before he passed away. His daughter, Shanga, is also a singer.

Hankerson’s charitable efforts have helped the community in many ways. He has donated a significant sum of money to various nonprofits and helped troubled youth. He has also worked to prevent drug addiction and promote positive ways for youth to grow into productive adults. His charitable activities have earned him a large net worth.

Despite the fact that he has signed dozens of artists, he has also incurred some controversy. In 2007, Toni Braxton sued Hankerson for $10 million for allegedly persuading her to quit her contract with Arista Records. However, the lawsuit was eventually settled out of court. In addition to paying Braxton her advance, she was also liable to pay Hankerson royalties on her next music project.