Bakukyuu Hit Crash B-Daman

Bakukyuu Hit Crash B-Daman is a Japanese anime series with English dubs. The first series has three parts: the grip, the core, and the server. The three blocks determine the control and power of each shot. The core also determines which B-Daman a player can use. The different parts of the Core can be used to create a variety of different B-Daman styles.

B-Daman is a hot-blooded B-Der that uses his sword to destroy and fight. The story is unclear when B-Daman died, but it is implied that he died while falling from the Crash Tower. He was present during the final battle with Hitto, but was unable to survive the fall.

In the manga and anime, Hitto’s father, Professor Tamaga, was a researcher who studied B-Daman. He had gone missing after reading an old book. He sent Hitto a Magnum Ifrit for his birthday and a letter saying, “Overcome the difficulites, and achieve your goal.” He also gave Hitto a new B-Daman.

Crash B-Daman is a variation of the Battle B-Daman. It is compatible with Battle B-Daman parts, and uses a pistol style trigger and grip. It only has 40 models, and is a backwards-compatible gimmick.

Players can choose a number of game modes. In the B-Daman battle, players must flip all of their opponents’ gates within 30 seconds of each other. The player with the highest score wins. In addition to the battle, players can try the tag team mode. They must tag their teammates once their armor is disabled, or they risk losing the game.