Bahram Akradi Net Worth – Founder and CEO of Life Time Fitness

Founder and CEO of Life Time Fitness, Bahram Akradi is an Iranian immigrant who has helped transform the health and fitness industry. His company operates health clubs in 38 major markets across 29 states. Life Time Fitness also offers corporate wellness programs and sports activities. In addition, they offer educational and innovative experiences that make fitness fun.

As CEO of Life Time Fitness, Bahram has been named the Minnesota Business Journal 2020 Executive of the Year. He also earned a spot on the advisory board of the White House on the reopening of the economy. In addition to his work at Life Time, he also co-manages a Nautilus club in Minnesota.

During the recession, Life Time Fitness was losing four out of ten members. However, Akradi persuaded management to let him sell memberships. As a result, he sold 2,702 memberships in a single year. After doing this, he opened a health club in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. He also took the company public in early October. In doing so, he raised $702 million. This was a major accomplishment since Life Time was a private company for six years. The company did not need to report executive compensation.

Bahram Akradi earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado. He then worked at Nautilus Fitness Center, Inc. He was an executive vice president at the age of 22. He also served as an instructor for Pikes Peak Community College. He then joined his brother in Colorado Springs. In 1986, he sold his franchise to Bally Total Fitness. Akradi has three children.

Bahram Akradi owns over 10,000 units of Life Time stock. As of September 6th, he owns over $137 million worth of stock. He has been involved in 9 trades since 2012. In 2013, he sold 192,368 units of stock for $120,100.

In 2012, he traded 6,004 units of stock every 55 days. He also sold a ludicrous 192,368 units of stock in 2013. He has also made 28 transactions over four years at Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. He also has a large social media following. In addition, he has written a book on the Iran-Iraq war. In addition, he has a personal philosophy of fitness. He has been involved in many triathlons and races. He is also involved in the Leadman triathlons, which involves a 3.1-mile swim, a 140-mile bike ride, and a 13.6-mile run.

As the CEO of Life Time Fitness, Bahram Akradi has a hefty salary of $389,190. In addition, he has an annual performance bonus of twice his salary. His net worth is estimated to be $25 million in 2021. He also has a low profile, but is known for being a successful businessman. In addition, he has an appealing height and body weight. Bahram has a great body measurement, and is considered a sexy and successful businessman. He has been involved in business for over twenty years, and has helped change the health and fitness industry.