Aunty Acid Quotes

aunty acid quotes

When Backland Media created the female version of the Grumpy Old Gits, they came up with Aunty Acid. The idea was to make Aunty Acid look young enough to still have her own teeth. The result was an instant hit. In addition to being incredibly funny, Aunty Acid was also a great marketing tool.

Famous aunty acid quotes

If you love crass humor, then you probably know Aunty Acid, a late middle-aged woman with frizzy pink hair and a rocking body. The character is notorious for her unpredictability and crass behavior. She has no filter and has no inhibitions when it comes to her words and actions. Her heavy use of psychedelic drugs has allowed her to realize the true nature of her life, and she has no concern for the consequences of her actions. The character is thought to be a sarcastic version of the Sarcastic Auntie from an alternate universe.

Backland Media’s aunty acid campaign

Backland Media’s Aunty Acid campaign has been a big success. It has grown from a simple Facebook meme into a full-blown brand. The campaign utilises the community around the character to create exclusive content and increase exposure for Backland Media’s product. Backland is a small family-run business based in Liverpool.

Sarcastic Auntie timeline

In this alternate universe, Aunty Acid is a late-middle-aged eccentric with frizzy pink hair and a rocking body. She’s famous for her irreverent behavior and crass humor. Her wacky outlook on life is fueled by heavy psychedelic use, and she has no filter or fear of consequences. This enigmatic character may be a variant of the Sarcastic Auntie from an alternate timeline.