At What Rpm Does VTEC Engage 2 – The First Step in Tuning Your Car

The first step in tuning your car is to learn at what rpm does VTEC engage 2. This is very important because your car’s performance will be drastically affected by whether the engine is tuned or untuned. Tuning your car’s engine will allow you to achieve a greater level of power and performance, but it will also require a lot of time and effort. However, it is definitely worth the effort to ensure that the engine is tuned properly.

5000-5900 = Tuned

When it comes to MPG, 5000-5900 revs are the sweet spot. In most cases, you’ll get better MPG at this range than a car that revs higher. In addition to that, you’ll get instant kick if you keep your revs below 3k under normal driving.