Art Briles Net Worth

Among the numerous celebrities of Hollywood, the famous actor Art Briles is surely one of the richest. His net worth reaches around $80 million. And he has a very successful career. He is famous for his role in “Anchorman”.


During his tenure as the head coach of the Houston Texans, Art Briles led his team to four conference championships, four bowl games, and a record 34-28 record. He also won the award for most wins by a head coach in the modern era. After a stint as an assistant coach at the University of Florida, Art Briles moved on to the NFL and spent five years in Canada before moving on to the NFL’s other coast.

The best part is, despite the tumult, Art Briles will soon be back on the grid. In fact, he was hired on Thursday to be the offensive coordinator at Grambling State. This sexiest of sexies will make the transition from high school to college football a snap for the Tigers.

On top of that, Art Briles is reportedly eyeing a move to the University of Florida. This may not come as a surprise to some, given Art’s ties with the Seminoles. In fact, Art’s presence is a boon to the program’s coaching staff, as well as an opportunity to showcase some of the best players in the game. Despite this, Art’s tenure will likely be cut short, as the program has a history of poor play and mediocre talent. A good time to look for a new coach is now, as the Tigers have only three returning starters. Despite this, the ole boy’s best days are still ahead of him.

Personal life

Despite the fact that Art Briles has never spoken about his parents’ death in public, his life still bears the scars of tragedy. His parents were killed in a tragic car accident when he was just 20 years old. Despite this, Briles has never been able to fully recover from the experience. His family has tried to convince him that the accident was not his fault.

The day after his parents were killed, Art Briles was preparing to play in a game against Southern Methodist University. His mom and dad had left the house in a beige Ford LTD at about eight a.m. On their way down Highway 380, they were killed instantly. The tanker truck driver had no criminal charges filed against him.

Even though Art Briles is a millionaire, he has never spoken publicly about his parents’ deaths. He kept these painful memories inside for nearly forty years. Although he has been successful in coaching, he has never allowed himself to fully heal from the emotional pain of his parents’ deaths.

Despite being a college football coach, Briles still bears the responsibility of his parents’ deaths. He never told his teammates goodbye and rarely talked about the deaths with his children.

Although he had a very successful college career, his coaching career has not been as successful as he would have hoped. In addition to his head coaching duties at Baylor, Art Briles has also served as a head coach at various high schools. He has a 166-46-4 record in high school, and is 2-5 all-time in bowl games.


Despite having a very short tenure as Baylor University football coach, Art Briles has been one of the most successful coaches in the game. Having led Baylor to a 32-7 record from 2013-2015, he earned the respect of his peers in the Big 12 Conference and the Associated Press.

After finishing his degree at Texas Tech University in 1979, Briles began his coaching career at Sundown High School in Texas. His teams won four state championships. He was hired as an assistant at Sweetwater High School in 1980.

After serving as an assistant for three seasons, he took an offensive assistant job at Texas Tech under Mike Leach. He helped improve the team’s rushing average every year.

In 2006, Briles led the Houston Cougars to a 10-4 record and the team won the Conference USA championship game. He also helped guide Robert Griffin III to the 2011 Heisman Trophy. In 2013, he was named Big 12 Coach of the Year. In 2010, Briles led the Baylor Bears to a 42-41 loss to Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl.

Briles has a net worth of $11 million. He is married with three children. He has been linked to open jobs in Seattle, Washington and Austin.

Art Briles is a native of Rule, Texas. He was born on December 3, 1955. He has a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech and a master’s degree from Abilene Christian University. He and his wife, Jan, have three children. He prefers to keep his personal life private.


During Art Briles’ tenure as head coach of Baylor University, he led the team to two Big 12 titles and four AP top 25 finishes. He also led the team to four 10-win seasons and four bowl game berths. He finished his Baylor career with a 65-37 record.

The University of Houston hired Briles as its head coach in 2003, but he was fired after five seasons. After an investigation into the sexual assault scandal at Baylor, Briles was paid $15 million to settle the contract. He was also hired as an offensive coordinator at Grambling State. However, he resigned after the team finished its 2020 season.

Art Briles has not coached at the college level since Baylor in 2015. He has also coached in the Italian Football League, and he has two kids. He has also been hired to coach a Canadian Football League team. He has been signed by Mount Vernon (Texas) High School.

In addition to coaching Baylor, Art Briles has coached the University of Houston and the Houston Cougars. He was also an offensive coordinator at Grambling State, where he coached the team for nine months. He was then hired by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. He coached in the Italian Football League for nine months.

He is married and has a daughter. He is also the head football coach at Mount Vernon High School in Texas. He was previously the president of the Texas High School Coaches Association. He has a bachelor’s degree from a public US state university.


Despite losing his parents in a car crash when he was only twenty years old, Art Briles has not allowed his past to overshadow his success in the present. As head coach of the Baylor Bears, he has transformed a perennial losers into winners. His autobiography traces his path to success and explains why.

Art Briles’ autobiography is a must read. Nick Eastman wrote a lengthy and comprehensive biography of Briles that delves into more than just his football achievements.

The autobiography also includes details on Briles’ career in high school and college football. He was a standout quarterback at Rule High School in Texas. He also led the Yellow Jackets to a state championship in 1999. He later became an assistant coach at Sundown High School. He was also an assistant coach for Texas Tech. In 2000, he joined Mike Leach’s coaching staff as running backs coach.

He also coached high schools in West Texas. He has a knack for persuading others to perform a task. He has been known to drive a forklift at a warehouse as a part-time job. He has also coached football at the University of Houston and Baylor. He also has been linked to a number of NFL jobs. He has also been linked to the Liberty job.

The most important thing to know about Briles is that he has a great work ethic. He is also an innovative football coach. He has turned around a number of failing football programs.