Ariel Camacho Quotes

ariel camacho quotes

If you’re interested in Ariel Camacho quotes, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find 13 of his most famous sayings. You’ll be glad you read them. They’ll help you appreciate his music and his life. You’ll also be reminded of the times when he and his band made history.

El Karma

El Karma is a song written by Alterado that combines a cautionary tale about joining a cartel with a personal drama about a father’s love for his daughters. It builds to an intense showdown, and then it turns into a fatalistic retelling of Don DeLillo’s old truism, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Despite its dark themes, “El Karma” manages to fit its meanings into just eight stanzas.

Ariel Camacho

Ariel Camacho is one of the most beloved singers of all time. He started singing and playing guitar at the young age of seven. He first appeared on stage with Cesar Ivan Sanchez, who played guitar and provided backup vocals. Ariel Camacho’s first album was entitled Rey of Corazones. His last album, El Karma, featured songs such as “Tres Botellas,” “Del negociante,” “Ya lo supere” and “La vida ruina.”


Ariel Camacho was a star singer from Mexico who was only 22 years old. He was a member of the band Los Plebes del Rancho, which was based in Guasabe, Sinaloa, the heart of drug country. His narcocorridos songs gained him a large following. He was scheduled to perform in the US over the weekend.

Banda Culiacancito

Ariel Camacho is one of the most iconic singers in the world of corrido music. His hit song “El Karma” is the defining song of corrido bands. Its popularity has risen to mythic proportions, rising to the top of the Hot Latin chart. The lyrics of “El Karma” are resonant for aspiring nihilists.

‘Te Metiste’

Te Metiste is a Mexican song that is full of uplifting energy. It is played at 152 beats per minute (BPM), and it is in the key of G. This song is a bit slower than most songs, but it still has enough energy to keep your audience engaged.

‘Te Metiste’ on Billboard’s Hot Latin chart

This week, a new NortenoBlog favorite is climbing the Billboard charts. El Perdon’s “Bailando” doble is still at number one, but Ariel Camacho’s laconic love song, ‘Te Metiste,’ is at number 19. Despite its low placement on the airplay chart, it has garnered considerable attention.

Influence of other narcosingers

The public image of Ariel Camacho defies the stereotype of a narco. In his video for “El Karma,” for instance, we see a quiet, unsmiling young man with a keening voice. Instead of effervescent shoutouts and gritos, his songs feature intricate requinto solos. While not your typical narcocorrido, the video did capture the attention of the international press.