Are Top Entry Litter Boxes Better?

Many pet owners wonder whether top entry litter boxes are better than those with side or front entrances for their cat’s needs. If your feline friend can easily jump up into their box, this style could be ideal.

Older cats or kittens that have difficulty jumping up into a litter box should consider opting for an enclosed litter box with an entrance in front.

1. Less visible

Top entry litter boxes are less noticeable than other litter boxes, making them an excellent option for homes with limited space. Some models feature a hood to reduce litter spilling when cats leave the box.

Litter tracking is a common pet owner concern, particularly among older cats and kittens who struggle to wipe their feet as easily. Their litter can end up all over, making the box harder for cats to escape from. This model helps minimize this issue thanks to its hood and high sides with smooth base that make digging out impossible for cats.

These same features that prevent tracking also keep litter within its box, eliminating the need to sweep up scattered litter or clean urine off your floors. ExquisiCat offers this litter box featuring an extra large opening on top sized appropriately for most cats to jump through as well as tall sides capable of containing spray from high pee-ers.

Many cat owners fear their cats won’t like a top-entry litter box, but this depends entirely on each cat. Some adapt quickly to new litter types, larger boxes, and different locations for their box; others may require time to adjust. If your cats have been accepting of other changes then they’re likely to accept this one too – they’ll love having privacy as their heads peek out the top opening while going to the bathroom and will enjoy having their very own box just for themselves!

2. Less tracking

Top entry litter boxes provide an effective solution for keeping kitty mess under control. Their top entrance design prevents cat paws from scattering litter across the floor and allow you to clump poop in one location so it doesn’t smell as strongly.

Many of the top entry litter box designs we reviewed make daily waste collection easier for you, too. Look for litter boxes with perforated lids to catch any extra litter that lands on your cat’s paws; this feature can especially benefit those living with elderly cats or kittens that find difficulty jumping up into the box from below.

Top entry litter boxes may be popular among pet parents, but they might not be suitable for all cats and kittens. Some cats might feel self-conscious using one and may avoid sticking their head out to eliminate, while other dislike the way soiled waste looks or have difficulty climbing in or climbing out of it.

If your kitten or older cat is healthy and active, however, training them to use a top entry litter box shouldn’t be difficult. Simply hold them lightly at the edge of the box so they get used to it; though they might try and jump off or onto you at first they’ll eventually associate it with toileting duties and begin using it independently.

Some people have difficulty remembering to clean out their cat’s litter box on a regular basis due to not seeing waste accumulation. Top entry litter boxes hide any visible evidence of waste build-up, making them ideal for those who tend to forget.

3. Less litter on the floor

Top entry litter boxes provide the added advantage of keeping litter from spreading all around your home, as their lid keeps everything contained and prevents its scattering. Furthermore, their smaller dimensions make them better suited to homes with limited floor space or cat owners who do not want an unsightly litter pan taking up floor space.

Due to their taller sides, top entry litter boxes do create slightly more litter on the floor as your cat digs and covers up his waste. While this extra litter may seem unnecessary at first, it will actually help with keeping odors at bay while also decreasing chances of any urine seeping onto other surfaces.

Closed designs also allow high peeers to avoid flooding their litter box with urine splash. This feature can especially come in handy if there’s a dog living in the house as this will prevent him or her from exploring and potentially exploring any remaining waste from within it – thus protecting both you and your beloved family pet from any illness caused by any residual waste matter in there.

There are various styles of litter boxes with lids available on the market, some designed to look like furniture or come in unique styles that blend more seamlessly into your home than an open rectangular litter pan. Some even come equipped with handles for easy carrying and hanging; perfect for multi-cat households or cat parents who travel frequently.

When searching for a litter box with a lid, it’s essential to find one made from sturdy materials. Your cat may jump into their box frequently and it should withstand their pressure without easily breaking. Furthermore, make sure the lid swivels so your feline can choose between top or front openings; this feature may come in handy if they suffer from arthritis or difficulty jumping.

4. Less odor

Top entry litter boxes can help keep the bad odor of soiled litter confined within their box thanks to their lid, which keeps everything sealed off, and tall sides that prevent urine escaping through cracks in the walls. Their discreet shapes also allow them to fit more seamlessly with home decor than open rectangular pans of litter.

However, it is important to keep in mind that because you can’t see what’s going on inside the box, it may be more challenging for you to remember to clean it frequently enough in order to prevent odor problems arising. This is particularly applicable if using smaller boxes with fine-grain clumping litter.

When introducing a top entry litter box to your cat, try placing it in an undisturbed location away from any foot traffic. When adding litter from its old box as a comfort measure, do so gradually until they feel that this box belongs to them and become familiar with its scent. Eventually they should feel at home here!

Finally, make sure your litter box can withstand regular abuse from larger kitties. Look for heavy-duty plastic designs with grated lids to reduce tracking and smooth bases for leak-prevention.

As with all litter box options, it’s wise to experiment before choosing one for your cat’s use. Most kittens who can jump and chase ribbon toys should have no difficulty using a top entry litter box; however, older and arthritic cats may experience difficulty entering this type of litter box due to having to jump up over its edge to access it.

5. Less cleaning

If you find yourself constantly scooping litter off of floors and cleaning urine from walls behind your cat’s litter box, you may be in search of a top entry litter box. These boxes tend to feature more unique shapes than conventional rectangular pans, as well as features to help contain litter in one area of the box – tall walls and lids are great at keeping litter in one area instead of disseminating around your home.

These litter boxes are also great for cats who tend to pee over the edges or dig aggressively, sending litter flying throughout your house. Some models feature a lid with which you can seal away urine and waste, further minimizing mess. Others, like this Modkat Litter Box with its grated lid feature, help prevent litter scatter by collecting loose litter as soon as your cat exits its box.

Many of the top entry litter boxes on the market feature self-cleaning features, meaning a compartment that automatically scoops waste into another container to reduce how often you have to empty and refill your litter box. Unfortunately, not all cats easily adjust to new litter boxes, particularly ones placed on floors rather than corners; Geller advises hiding away their old box for several days so your cat gets familiar with it before allowing her to use her new one as usual for her business.

You should also take into account the size and height of your cat when choosing a top entry litter box. If your cat is too tall for jumping into it easily, they may struggle or refuse to do so altogether. A lid that does not open and close easily may make things even harder on older cats.