Are Russian Dwarf Hamsters Easy to Handle?

Are russian dwarf hamsters easy to handle

If you are looking for an incredibly lovable and low-maintenance pet, a hamster might be the right choice for you. They are a popular breed because they’re incredibly friendly and inexpensive to care for. They are also incredibly hardy and can live up to 16-24 months in captivity, making them a great option for families who may be short on time.

They are also very lovable and they are highly tame, even when young. They are very intelligent and they love to play, so if you’re looking for a companion that will keep you company all the time, then a hamster is the perfect pet for you!

But, it is important to understand that while they are very tame and incredibly adorable, they can be a bit difficult to handle at times. This is because they can be quite territorial and can be very quick to react if they feel threatened or scared.

First of all, you will need to be patient and work on taming your hamster in a way that makes them feel safe and secure. You can do this by introducing them to your hands and letting them get used to the sensation of your touch.

Once your hamster is comfortable with your touch, you can then begin to move your hand closer and closer to them. This will give them a feeling of security and they will begin to trust your touch.

Next, you can lift your hamster higher into your hands than normal. This can be a bit scary for them, but it will help them feel more secure in your hands. This will take a few days to get them used to this and you should do it gradually.

Make sure that both of your hands are cupping the hamster when you pick them up, and be gentle with them. This will not only help them become more comfortable with you, but it will also prevent them from getting hurt.

When you first pick up your hamster, they will likely nibble at your fingers. This is a sign that they are happy with you, but it can also indicate that they are stressed or feeling overwhelmed.

Nibbles are usually harmless and don’t hurt your hamster at all. However, if your hamster starts to bite you, this is a sign that they are very scared of you and need to be handled a lot more.

To avoid this, try to only hold them when they are fully awake and alert. This will help them become used to your presence and they won’t be afraid to come out of their cage when you’re near.

Talk to your hamster when you’re picking them up. This will help them become more tolerant of you and can be a big help when they’re being a little bit grumpy or have a traumatic experience.

It is also a good idea to offer them healthy treats every day or so. This will help them develop a positive association with you and the food they eat.