Are Reusable Straws Sanitary?

Reusable straws are an effective way to reduce plastic waste, making a sustainable impact statement and offering easy cleanup compared to metal straws which may leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Silicone or natural straws harbor bacteria, making cleaning them with hot soapy water or the dishwasher much simpler. You will also have to carry around these straws in a case or pouch.

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Glass straws offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, and can often be found at many of the same establishments that offer them. Most are typically constructed of borosilicate glass – an extra thick and strong variety commonly used in science lab equipment as well as some forms of cookware like Pyrex. In comparison to soda-lime varieties, borosilicate varieties can withstand higher temperatures without cracking. With proper care they may last a long time though they’re more prone to breaking if dropped or improperly stored.

Glass straws are completely recyclable, making them even more eco-friendly than their plastic counterparts. To find an appropriate glass straw for you, make sure it meets food-grade and dishwasher safe standards as well as being easily cleaned using their included brush for quick and effortless maintenance. While they might be thicker and heavier than bamboo options, glass is often thinner and lighter than metal alternatives.

Stainless steel straws offer more durability and hygiene than plastic ones, being recycled indefinitely without degradation over time like their plastic counterparts do. Like glass straws, they may be dishwasher safe but most manufacturers recommend handwashing after each use to extend its lifespan and allow air drying between uses – making reusable stainless steel straws an excellent alternative to plastic ones when traveling or on-the-go. Some even fold into an easily transportable slim case making them an excellent alternative.

Though technically recyclable, these straws may not be accepted by recycling centers as readily as soda-lime glass is due to its different melting temperature than regular soda-lime glass and therefore being combined during recycling into “blobs” that cannot be easily disassociated from each other.

This set of eight reusable straws includes four straight and four bent straws that can be adjusted in length to suit narrow glasses or wide mason jars, and are ideal for adults as well as children. Their flexible silicone material feels soft in your mouth without scratching your teeth or lips, and during testing by Strategist contributor Natalie Toren she found they tasted just as great than their plastic counterparts!


Bamboo straws are an excellent way to reduce plastic waste. Biodegradable and versatile enough for hot or cold beverages alike, bamboo straws tend to outlive metal and glass counterparts by lasting longer and remaining nontoxic over time. Unfortunately, bamboo straws have a tendency to darken, split, mold and develop woody notes over time as well as being difficult to completely clean after each use.

Jungle Culture bamboo straws offer an eco-friendly reusable alternative to plastic that are also fun! Crafted from sustainably harvested wuluh bamboo grown without chemicals or pesticides and dyed using natural ingredients such as turmeric, beetroot and butterfly pea flowers for fun colors – these eco-friendly straws make an excellent sustainable switch and reduce environmental footprint while remaining affordable! Although more costly than other options on offer, they make an excellent addition to anyone looking for eco-friendly and reusable alternatives!

FinalStraw offers another reliable reusable straw option, first featured on Shark Tank. Their stainless steel option is lightweight, compact and easily transported in its carrying case for convenient use with hot or cold beverages alike – plus comes complete with its own cleaning brush to ensure hassle-free use on-the-go!

This silicone straw features an adjustable silicone part to meet different drinking needs, making it a convenient alternative to other reusable straws. Soft yet sturdy materials make this option comfortable in your mouth while its thinner design still stands up well under pressure or force when sipping from it.

Although not as slim as its rivals, this reusable straw still proves itself as an excellent pick for most drinkers. Easy to wash, durable, and coming equipped with its own cleaning brush; suitable for both hot and cold beverages (though it may become sticky with thicker beverages); comes in various cute patterns that our panelists found appealing; washable in under 10 seconds!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel straws are an ideal option when selecting a reusable drinking straw. They won’t break, splinter or fall apart while not harbouring bacteria like other materials do, plus they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup – perfect for those wanting to reduce plastic pollution while having their own personal straws at their fingertips.

Stainless steel straws, unlike their plastic counterparts, are fully recyclable. Plastic production requires toxic chemicals and gasses which are harmful for the environment and its byproducts can seep into lakes and oceans where they harm marine wildlife; furthermore, plastic waste poses serious health issues for humans such as respiratory illnesses.

Making metal straws takes significant energy. One single straw may require up to half a day for its production, which represents wasted resources. Thus, to maximize its utility and save on energy consumption it is wise to only use stainless steel straws when necessary and maintain them correctly for optimal performance.

Glass and bamboo straws offer another sustainable option for reusable drinking straws, as they can be recycled after use. Furthermore, these options are easy to keep clean and hygienic, although less durable than metal straws. Both options come in various sizes to accommodate various beverages as well as having carrying cases for increased portability and convenience.

Silicone straws offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, being easily inserted into bottles and cups for use with both hot and cold beverages. Flexible than stainless steel straws, silicone straws make a good option for children as well as offering safe mouth use by not poking into eyes or lips during consumption.

These straws have earned excellent customer ratings and reviews, and make an ideal option for anyone searching for a sturdy yet convenient reusable straw. Additionally, this set comes equipped with two cleaning brushes as well as a travel bag making them great for use on-the-go.


Home straw use may seem inconsequential, but choosing a reusable option can go a long way toward helping reduce single-use plastic pollution in our environment. According to environmental group NRDC, by 2050 more plastic will exist than fish by weight! Luckily there are eco-friendly alternatives such as glass, bamboo, stainless steel and silicone available that offer benefits suitable for hot or cold beverages alike; each has their own set of pros and cons so it is essential that you find one best suited to you and your lifestyle needs.

Consider these key factors when searching for the ideal reusable straw: it is crucial that you choose a durable material, particularly if you plan to consume thicker beverages such as smoothies and milkshakes, while cleaning methods vary by material (glass and stainless steel are dishwasher safe; others must be washed by hand or with an appropriate cleaner). In addition, look for one with protective coatings which help prevent cracking or breaking during use.

Consider your budget when making a sustainable switch. More expensive materials like stainless steel tend to outlive their cheaper alternatives such as bamboo and paper; however, there are plenty of affordable solutions on the market if this is something that interests you.

StrawExpert offers our top budget-friendly option: the Set from StrawExpert, complete with everything you need to transition away from single-use plastic straws – including a carrying pouch and cleaning tools – making switching easier than ever! It includes eight 10.5-inch straws and eight 8.5-inch straws so there will be enough for everyone in your household and an on-the-go drinking option with its convenient pouch design – and of course!