Are Nalgene Water Bottles Bad For the Environment?

The Nalgene brand has long been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, and for good reason: They’re extremely durable. They’re also BPA-free, which is great if you care about your health. The bottles are also made in the United States, which means you know that your bottle was produced in a factory that is held to high environmental standards and worker safety standards.

Nalgene water bottles are often a staple in any outdoorsy person’s gear. They’re durable, they come in different sizes and colors, and they can hold plenty of liquid. Whether you’re on a hiking trip or just going to the park, having a Nalgene water bottle can be a lifesaver.

However, some people worry that Nalgene bottles are bad for the environment because they are made of plastic. While many types of plastic are safe, there is a concern that some plastics can leach harmful chemicals into the liquid inside them. In order to address this concern, some companies have started using glass or metal instead of plastic in their products. The Nalgene company has also changed their product to use less plastic, and they have recently started making bottles out of the alternative material Tritan, which is BPA-free.

While the decision to switch to Tritan is a good one for the environment, it’s still important to remember that even BPA-free plastics can leach toxins into the water you drink from them. It’s best to stick with glass or stainless steel bottles if you want to be sure that your water is as healthy and chemical-free as possible.

Another issue with the Nalgene brand is that their water bottles are often not recyclable. Most plastics can be recycled, but they have to be sorted out carefully in order for this to work. This can be difficult for some people, especially if they have a lot of different bottles and aren’t used to keeping track of them all. Many of the newer bottles from Nalgene are made out of plastic that can be recycled, but older ones may contain BPA and need to be disposed of properly.

There are many ways that you can make your Nalgene more environmentally friendly, including recycling it or turning it into a solar lantern. There is much more waste that ends up in landfills or floating in the ocean than can be recycled, and the newer Nalgene bottles are designed to reduce this. The company has also committed to the circular economy, a model that aims to keep materials in circulation rather than sending them to landfills or oceans. This is a big step in the right direction, and it will be great to see more companies following suit in the future.