Are Double Strollers Worth It?

For use in urban settings, look for a stroller that turns easily and maneuvers smoothly while folding up into a size that will fit easily into small trunks.

Some strollers feature adjustable handlebar heights to make pushing more comfortable for parents of all sizes, multiple recline positions for napping on the go and large storage baskets are other features worth taking into consideration when selecting a stroller.

1. Ease of Use

As with any double stroller, ease of maneuverability should be your top priority when purchasing one. A good single stroller may provide ample support; but when two kids join, things become more challenging. When researching possible strollers for two children at once, ensure they can be managed with one hand steering, lightweight designs and smooth rides for all involved.

The best double strollers feature plenty of features designed to make on-the-go parenting simpler, including wide canopies that provide ample sun protection, an easy five-point harness system, ample storage space (perfect for snacks, toys, jackets and diapers), reclining seats for midday naps and more.

Some strollers can even be reconfigured to suit changing needs, like the Graco DuoGlider Stroller that we reviewed; it allows parents to quickly transition from infant mode to toddler mode with its included car seat adapters – a great feature that saves both time and energy while keeping their baby close by.

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller’s side-by-side style provides parents who require maximum flexibility with multiple seats multiple options for reconfiguring and seating arrangements – including newborn, toddler and double (facing each other or forward facing) seat positions, bassinet mode and various features that parents love such as adjustable handlebars, cup holders and telescoping canopy for their convenience.

2. Ease of Storage

A double stroller provides twice the storage space required by single strollers, so its capacity should be appropriately large. Look for one with a spacious trunk or basket capable of holding two large diaper bags, snacks and drinks as well as clothes – it should even provide additional parent storage such as cup holders, cell phone pockets or even a telescoping handlebar!

Most models come equipped with multiple features to allow you to personalize the ride for your family, such as standing boards that enable transport of an additional child, rotating seats and bassinets for newborns. While not essential for every family, such features may make your double stroller more functional as your family grows.

Some double strollers, particularly side-by-sides, often sacrifice comfort in order to reduce weight and size. When selecting a stroller with two seats designed specifically to provide optimal relaxation for your children, look for one with cushioned, comfy seats that allow them to sit in comfort.

Finally, make sure the stroller you select folds easily for storage in both your car and at home. Nothing’s worse than trying to navigate an unwieldy and unfolded stroller through an unfamiliar parking lot while your children are hungry and cranky!

Runners or joggers seeking a double stroller for running should select one with lightweight materials and a suspension system designed to help navigate uneven terrain without jostling your children. Swivel or fixed front wheel options should also be carefully considered depending on what terrain they will travel over; also make sure the handlebar fits comfortably for parents of different heights – one too low will lead to back pain while one too high may leave sore hands behind!

3. Safety

A double stroller can be an ideal way to transport both of your children safely. By keeping them close by on outings and errands, parents are better able to monitor them without the fear of strangers staring them down or offering unwanted attention. There are various double strollers on the market, each offering their own set of benefits and drawbacks. When selecting your stroller, take into consideration your planned usage frequency as well as terrain. For example, if your purpose for using it is long hikes on uneven surfaces, a model with large wheels that can handle rough terrain may be more suitable than a more lightweight option that is easily maneuvered in tight spaces.

When purchasing a double stroller, be sure to select one which meets all safety standards and boasts sturdy construction. Make sure the seat belts fit securely around each child while thick nylon crotch straps prevent your child from slipping out. In addition, look for one with an attached safety bar or canopy to protect from elements.

Some double strollers also include additional features that may prove useful, like standing boards to accommodate an additional child and bassinets for newborns. Although these features may not be essential in every family situation, they could prove especially important for certain households. Furthermore, depending on the brand and model chosen it may also be possible to attach accessories like cup holders, snack trays or rain covers onto most double strollers.

4. Style

Strollers for two can come in many shapes and sizes. While some models allow both children to sit next to one another, others use an elongated carriage with one seat behind the other and some models even allow parents to switch seats so both children have a great view. This flexibility is ideal for families planning on having children of various ages together or twins.

Consider how long and which configuration best suit your family. Double strollers can be heavy when fully loaded with children; to ease pushing, consider models with low weight limits. When possible, select compact, lightweight models.

Be sure to consider additional features, like roomy storage baskets, cup holders, cell phone pockets and reclining seats – these features may make pushing easier for parents or caregivers with varied heights. Adjustable handlebars may also prove beneficial.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Double strollers are our top pick, providing multiple seating configurations. Testers especially appreciated its large canopies which unzip quickly for ample shade coverage for both children. Those looking to travel light will appreciate its tool-free folding and standing up capabilities.

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 didn’t fare too well in our tests due to its complex assembly process and high price tag; however, its side-by-side seating makes up for its lower performance; you can purchase both its bassinet and toddler seat separately or together, then switch them out when strolling both newborns and young children simultaneously.

5. Comfort

Some double strollers feature comfort features designed to improve the ride for children and parents alike, such as wide and deep seats, adjustable harnesses and buckles, reclining options, suspension systems that absorb bumps, far-reaching canopies with UV protection, telescoping handles that adjust for parent height and cup holders sized to hold drinks, phones or other belongings. Additional luxuries could include infant car seat adapters, one-handed compact folds, never flat tires and an easy braking system – features that enhance both rides!

Tandem and side-by-side double strollers offer two basic styles. Tandem strollers consist of two seats stacked behind each other in stadium-style arrangement or separate from it, depending on its design. Although these tend to be heavier than side-by-side models, some models with lightweight frames make maneuverability easier; examples such as BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie and Thule Urban Glide 2 Double strollers proved particularly efficient at our ease-of-use tests, making them some of the easiest pushers.

However, side-by-side strollers tend to be more comfortable and offer many configuration options that make them suitable for families with multiple children of varying ages. The Valco Snap Duo Trend stroller is our top choice for side-by-side double strollers, providing multiple seating options from infant car seat adapters to bassinets and toddler seats that can face each other or forward. This stroller also boasts an easy one-handed compact fold, forever air tires, high build quality and stability, handy one-hand brake, as well as numerous points for adjustment such as handlebar height and footrest tweaks – all features that contribute to an extremely comfortable ride! Remember that your double stroller may still be in use long after infant car seats have become unnecessary – something durable with numerous configuration options and providing all riders a smooth experience is ideal.