Are Double Strollers Worth It?

There are various double strollers to meet the needs of any family. Parents with close-aged children tend to select side-by-side models, while those with older kids might prefer tandem models.

Maneuverability should also be taken into consideration if you live in an urban environment or plan on using public transportation with your stroller, as well as weight and folded size if space is at a premium in either your home or vehicle.

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Strollers may seem expensive – especially if you have two children – but they’re an invaluable investment that will save time and make family outings more enjoyable. Furthermore, strollers offer many health and wellbeing benefits to children of their own such as keeping them within sight and reach reducing accidents or losing them altogether. Double strollers even have features to keep children comfortable such as reclining seats and footrests for added peace of mind.

Selecting the ideal double stroller for your family depends on a range of factors, including lifestyle, budget and needs. Before purchasing one, think carefully about which children you have and their ages; ideally they should be close in age so they can ride side-by-side; otherwise consider investing in a tandem stroller featuring one larger seat and one smaller one instead.

Another key consideration when purchasing a stroller is what kind of terrain it will be used on. For example, if you plan on using it in an urban environment such as New York or Boston, larger wheels and suspension may be required to handle rougher terrain. You should also think about storage space available to store it when not in use.

Consider how much weight the stroller can carry and its folded size when making your selection. Double strollers can weigh over 100 lbs when fully loaded with passengers and all their supplies; find one that is lightweight yet compact when folded to make transportation and storage simpler.

On your next outing – whether that be for a long walk or running errands – bring along a double stroller for maximum enjoyment! Siblings who ride together in one stroller have an opportunity to interact and bond while taking in all that the scenery offers them. Double strollers also help parents keep their kids safe and secure while ensuring that they’re happy and contented during these family adventures.


Double strollers can be extremely useful; however, they may also be somewhat cumbersome and difficult to maneuver in tight spaces or fit into smaller trunks. When shopping for one, keep folded size in mind as well as total product weight to help determine its suitability for your lifestyle.

No simple answer exists when it comes to this question as the decision will depend on many factors such as your child’s age, space available within your home and activities planned with them. For example, if your oldest is four or older by the time your second baby arrives, then perhaps no double stroller will be necessary at all – they might prefer riding in an jogger or sit-and-stand stroller instead.

In these circumstances, it might be wise to opt for a single stroller equipped with attachments that accommodate infant car seat carriers or bassinets. One affordable solution is the Evenflo Pivot Xpand Double Stroller which accepts two infant car seat carriers or toddler seats and converts into a single stroller when your children are ready to walk on their own. Another excellent choice would be UPPAbaby’s VISTA V2 Double Stroller; accepting two stroller seats from birth into toddlerhood!

If you decide to purchase a double stroller, there are numerous choices on the market ranging from side-by-side models to inline styles. Some are easier to maneuver than others. We found that our top performing double strollers had sleek designs with superior suspension systems while side-by-side models proved much simpler to push than their inline counterparts during testing.

If you travel frequently, a lightweight double stroller may be ideal. One such lightweight tandem stroller option is the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller which weighs less than 90 pounds, folds compactly for trunk storage space, can be gate-checked on airplanes, meets Disney park size requirements and weighs only 9 lbs!


No matter if you are expecting twins or have children who are close in age, double strollers make it easy to transport both of your kids with minimal effort. Available as tandem, side-by-side, sit-and-stand and inline models – each model offers the convenience of transporting two children at the same time without strain or stress for busy parents.

As double strollers allow parents to keep both of their kids close together and within easy arm’s reach, making outings more enjoyable for everyone involved. Many double strollers also come equipped with features designed to increase your child’s comfort, such as reclining seats and footrests; these features can make all the difference between cranky children being uncomfortable with an outing versus happy and contented ones!

Another advantage of double strollers is how easily they can be folded and stored. If you travel frequently, having an easy to breakdown stroller makes transport much simpler in your car or onto an airplane – especially helpful if traveling with two young children!

Before purchasing a double stroller, carefully consider its intended use. Families living in apartments or other smaller living spaces may require an easily maneuverable compact model that fits through doorways; those looking for long walks and outings might prefer one designed with more durable fabric that’s built to withstand years of usage.

Lastly, if your children are getting too big for strollers soon, consider investing in a convertible stroller that can transition seamlessly from infant car seats or bassinets to toddler seating as your child matures. Don’t forget to consider both weight capacity and maneuverability when making your final choice; too heavy strollers could become challenging to push around or steer while one that is too small may not meet all of your family’s needs.


Double strollers provide a safe way of transporting two children simultaneously. Equipped with safety buckles to secure both children, as well as locking mechanisms that keep it from rolling away, double strollers provide ample protection from harsh weather conditions for their passengers and offer adjustable roofs that protect from harsh climate changes. Parents also appreciate double strollers because it allows them to monitor both children at all times – which allows for monitoring behavior as well as ensure their own safety.

A top quality double stroller features a sturdy frame designed to withstand wear and tear from regular use, along with accessories like raincovers and sun shades that provide protection from the elements for children in its care. Many manufacturers also utilize high-grade materials that make their double strollers even more durable so that they may be passed on from generation to generation in your family.

Before purchasing a double stroller, carefully consider its intended use and storage needs. If you live in an urban environment with narrow doorways and need to store it often, look for compact models with easy maneuverability that are also lightweight enough for you to handle with one hand. Inquire into whether they can hold infant car seats/basinets as well as its weight limit before making your decision.

As there are various kinds of double strollers, it is essential that you select one that best meets your lifestyle and needs. If your children span different age groups, a sit and stand stroller may be your best bet; these similar tandem strollers feature an additional seating platform or bench seat for older children.

One alternative to inline strollers is a side-by-side model with seats arranged side-by-side, providing more spaciousness while being harder to maneuver through tight spaces. Some models even provide independent recline options for front and back seats, proving beneficial if your children are different ages; however, others have different positions settings with one having more reclining capability than the other; which could prompt them to argue over who gets to ride more comfortably.