Are Chihuahua Puppies Hard to Train?

Are chihuahua puppies hard to train?

Potty training any puppy is a challenge, but it’s particularly difficult for tiny pups. They are prone to sneaking into out-of-the-way areas to relieve themselves and don’t always understand what is expected of them in the house or how to act.

When you first bring your puppy home, set aside a toilet spot and make it a priority to go there every time your dog needs to potty. This is especially important if you’re planning to keep your pup crated for long periods of time in the beginning of their training.

If your chihuahua is having trouble getting accustomed to its toilet spot, try distracting it by playing or offering treats. Once your chihuahua knows that you are rewarding them for going to the toilet in the designated spot, they will quickly adjust and go to it when needed.

Be vigilant and watch for signs your chihuahua needs to pee, such as sidling up to furniture or sniffing the carpets. When they do, scoop them up and take them outside on to their toilet spot.

The key is to remain calm when potty training your chihuahua and to not scold them or punish them for their misbehavior. This may seem counterproductive at first, but it will pay off in the end.

Socialize your chihuahua as early as possible with other dogs, children and adults to minimize the likelihood of aggression and other bad behaviors. This is a good idea no matter what breed your chihuahua comes from.

Teach them basic commands and tricks, such as sit, lay down, stay and heel (standing on their hind legs). These simple skills will help your chihuahua feel like a part of the pack and make your life easier.

When your chihuahua does the right thing, praise him for it and give him a treat. This will help your chihuahua develop self-confidence and become more obedient.

Capture your chihuahua’s attention and redirect his attention by gently touching them on their side or calling out his name. Once they make eye contact and respond, reward them with a treat or “good boy”/”good girl.” Repeat this exercise daily until your chihuahua understands its name.

Shape your chihuahua’s obedience by using a clicker and giving them treats when they do things correctly. Begin with a simple command such as “sit” and move on to more complex skills as they learn them.

Avoid scolding and punishing your chihuahua during training as it can set the whole process back, making him less likely to listen. Be sure to use positive reinforcement during training and not let it drag on, limiting training sessions to 15 minutes at a time.

A well-socialized chihuahua will be less prone to aggressive behavior, excessive barking and destructive chewing. They will also enjoy a longer lifespan and be more healthy than other small dog breeds. Ultimately, chihuahuas make great companions and are fun to own!