Arai RX-Q Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Snell M2010-approved Arai RX-Q helmet came out late in 2009, but its roots lie in the company’s previous model, the RX-7. In Formula One, Arai engineers studied ventilation and learned the best way to extract stale, hot air through negative pressure. With top-mounted diffusers, they duplicated this method. Whether you’re looking for a more aggressive style, or just something that protects your head from the sun and other elements, the Arai RX-Q is the helmet for you.

The RX-Q has a slightly uneven shell, but is otherwise very well-constructed, with quality moving parts. Another notable feature of the helmet is its hidden visor release mechanism. While the RX-Q is quite similar to the Corsair-V and Vector, it is designed for intermediate-oval-shaped heads. For maximum comfort and protection, Arai offers a 30-day replacement guarantee, a great feature for any biker.

The RX-Q features Arai’s IO interior fit shape, which is based on continual measurements and comparisons of human heads. Unlike other helmets that use an exaggerated design to fit an intermediate-oval-shaped head, the RX-Q features smooth surfaces and an aesthetically pleasing design. It also boasts a newly sculpted lower edge trim that prevents any unsightly seams on the cheek pads.

The RX-Q is known for its premium price, and you can expect to pay anywhere from $370 to $500. It’s a full-face helmet and weighs 3.59 pounds. While some riders might think it’s a bit too expensive, it’s certainly worth the price. Its premium design and thoughtful lining make it an investment in a high-end helmet. You’ll be glad you did.

The Arai RX-Q helmet features the newest version of the Corsair-X face shield, which incorporates a different system than the previous Corsair-X. Unlike Corsair-X helmets, the new system allows you to swap out the face shield without the use of any tools, which makes it a much more durable shell. It also comes with the VAS-MV (Max Vision) faceshield. This new face shield is equipped with an anti-fogging Pinlock-120 lens.

While the Arai RX-Q is designed for long-term use, you should consider the features and comfort before purchasing. Its ear-pads are designed to keep you comfortable all day, and its removable inner linings will make it easier to remove the helmet when you want to ride at high speeds. It also has a slanted chin bar that allows you to adjust the fit to your head.