Aqueduct L&G For Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets require regular watering to ensure their success. The larger the container, the more water it will require. Larger containers also tend to be heavier. To reduce weight and increase the amount of water they can hold, partially line metal-frame baskets with landscape fabric or plastic. This plastic should have holes for drainage.

To get the most out of your hanging baskets, use a fertilizer that is formulated specifically for hanging baskets. This product contains slow-release fertilizers to nourish the plants. It will also help prolong the plants’ bloom cycles. In addition, it will keep soil moist between waterings.

Fertilize your hanging baskets regularly with water-soluble or slow-release granular fertilizers. Apply them in early spring, and then again mid-season. Make sure you use a complete fertilizer that has a nitrogen-to-phosphorus ratio of 1:2. Fertilizers with too much nitrogen will promote excessive vegetative growth.