Antonella Nester Net Worth

Currently, Antonella Nester is undergoing treatment for cancer. She and her husband have two sons, Michael and Philip. She is diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer that is incurable. She is undergoing four rounds of chemotherapy. She has also undergone surgery to remove a tumor.

Antonella Nester was born in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, on January 12, 1964. Her father died in an accident when she was a baby. Her mother worked as a waitress. She went to school at Saint Theresa’s in New Cumberland. After school, she studied at Penn State’s Mont Alto campus. She graduated from there in 1987.

When she graduated from college, Antonella and Chris were best friends. The couple had a difficult time making ends meet in their early days of dating. They didn’t have much money for presents. They were also arguing over what to give each other. They finally decided on a bracelet. Chris saved money for a year to buy the bracelet.

They were married later. They are the parents of three children: Hope, Philip and Michael. They also have a sister. They live on a boat together. They have also had their share of ups and downs as a couple. But, they always got through the tough times.

Antonella and Chris met when they were teenagers. They were best friends for three years. After high school, they were married. In the early days of their relationship, they didn’t earn enough to support their family. They both worked part-time and had to pay their rent. They both struggled to make ends meet, but eventually managed to do so. They were both rejected twice before getting the job that they had always wanted.

After the couple was married, they had a daughter named Hope. But, the daughter died of cancer. They had to move back to the USA. Nester wanted to become a nurse. However, her teachers recommended that she pursue a different career. She worked at QVC for years, but her income was not enough to sustain her family. She decided to try something else.

When she was still young, she lived in Rome, Italy with her grandfather. When she returned to the United States, she decided to take a job at QVC. But, she didn’t make much of a profile. She didn’t have much experience. She also had problems with lethargy. She felt that her future was hopeless.

When she was young, Antonella tried to be a nurse but her teachers advised her to work in a different field. She sold pencils as a child. After college, she switched to Medical Technology at University Park. She worked in various hospitals including St. Joseph’s and Berwick hospitals. She also rated the QVC show.

The couple married after three years of friendship and they were blessed with three children. They named their children Michael, Philip and Hope. They have also been together since high school. They have had a difficult time in the early days of their relationship, but they managed to get through the difficult times.