Andrew Wommack Net Worth 2021

Known as the “Word of Faith” teacher, Andrew Wommack is one of the most prominent Christian teachers in the United States. He is also a popular radio and television broadcaster. His teachings cover several topics, such as grace, unconditional love, and balance of grace. However, Andrew Wommack’s teachings are primarily aimed at the spiritual development of his students. In addition, he operates a Healing School, where people can learn to receive God’s word and bear witness to miracles.

Andrew Wommack is also a Christian book dealer and a televangelist. He was born in Texas and raised in the United States. He is currently based in Colorado Springs. He has two sons. He is the founder and initiator of Charis Bible College. He is a member of the Trinity Broadcasting Networks. He has been featured on many television shows. He also has a YouTube channel. He has a fan base that is very large, with over 189K subscribers.

As a young child, Andrew Wommack always had a strong relationship with God. He later decided to pursue a career in faith healing. In the late 1970s, he began to preach the Word of God to fellow servicemen. He became very popular, and was featured on numerous television shows.

His ministry was initially launched in Childress, Texas. Soon after, it spread to other areas of the country. In 2000, his television show was picked up by other Christian television networks. He then started a radio program, Gospel Truth. It was aired in more than 60 radio stations.

In 1972, Wommack married Jamie. He and his wife had two sons. They served three small churches in the United States. In 1980, they moved their ministry to Colorado Springs. They were able to build three churches in just six years. They also founded Andrew Wommack Ministries. This is where they developed a lucrative business that is now spreading across nine states and nine countries.

He has a net worth of around $15 million. This is mainly from his ministry income. He is also a storekeeper of Christian CDs. He is expected to increase his wealth with time. He also makes money from Instagram, although his Instagram salary is not accurate. His Instagram followers are 212K.

In 2018, Wommack was criticized for making false claims about a cure for Lyme disease. The Christian Research Institute also labeled his claim of a healing school doctrinally aberrant. He was also criticized for his claim that a boy was raised from the dead. He claims that he spoke resurrection into the life of Jonathan Peter. The man had died for four to five hours, but was brought back to life by prayer.

He has two sons and a granddaughter. He and his family live in Colorado Springs. He is 73 years old. He weighs 76 kilograms and is 1.81 meters tall. He has an average height. His two sons are in their early 40s. He has an estimated net worth of $12 million in 2022.