Andrew Tate Vs Steven Seagal

If you’ve been following the events surrounding internet superstar Andrew Tate, you may have seen him in the news recently. The glitzy social media star was arrested for human trafficking and allegedly a couple of other crimes that are too juicy to get out of the headlines. He’s been on the receiving end of some high profile Twitter users as well as one of the world’s fastest cars.

What’s more, Tate was not the only crook in his bailiwick. A few weeks after his arrest, another social media superstar, albeit an arguably lesser known scion of the Tate dynasty, was dragged kicking and screaming into the spotlight. This time, it wasn’t just Twitter but Instagram and Facebook that took the rap. Fortunately, Tate was just one of the many victims who was tricked into thinking that they were in for a good time.

But what’s really going on? Well, let’s start with the basics. According to the Romanian anti-organized crime agency (AOCA), four people have been arrested on charges of “the most ingenious of crimes.” They included a pair of Romanians, a British citizen, and the guy whose tweets got him thrown in jail. In addition, six of the perpetrators were put under surveillance. However, the most interesting part is the fact that none of the suspects have been identified by name. That’s a big deal.

Even if the aforementioned arrests don’t pan out, it’s a shame for the aspiring boxer who’s got a promising future. Hopefully, the good people of the UK will make a wise decision when the chips are down. As for the rest of us, we can only hope that we won’t have to worry about our ‘Tate favs’ from now on. Whether or not we get a bout between Tate and Paul is entirely up to us.