Andrew Tate – King of Toxic Masculinity

A former American kickboxer named Andrew Tate gained international notoriety when he was booted from The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. He has since become an internet celebrity with a glitzy lifestyle, consisting of supercars and private jets. But the divisive influencer has found himself under scrutiny for his views on women.

Tate has railed against women and their perceived lack of independence and alleged to have been investigated for sexual abuse by police. He has been accused of making “toxic” comments about women, such as the statement that depression isn’t a clinical disease. In 2015, a woman accused him of rape and violence, but Tate denied the allegations. After he was arrested, he and his brother were placed under investigation. However, his arrest was lifted and he is back on the streets.

One of the main reasons that Tate was booted from the show was because of a video of him beating a woman. While Tate claimed the video was edited, he did make a few statements about his alleged misogyny.

Another video showed Tate telling a woman to count her bruises. He later claimed his relationship with the woman was consensual. During the tussle, he said he accidentally broke the woman’s jaw. At first, the woman claimed that he repeatedly strangled her. Later, she vowed to take legal action against him.

Andrew Tate’s social media accounts continue to push the idea that mainstream society is a fantasy created by malevolent overlords. He has a number of controversial business ventures, including selling “escape the matrix” to young men. He is also a boxer who fought YouTube star Deji.

When he was removed from Instagram in June, he had over one million followers. This led to him being described as the king of the toxic masculinity. And while his prospects aren’t great, his account continues to pump out content to his fandom.

It’s no surprise that Tate’s controversial views about women and his misogynistic comments garnered widespread media attention. He’s been a frequent target of hate groups, as well as Hope not Hate, a non-profit organisation dedicated to addressing the misogyny that’s so prevalent online.

Hope not Hate has been following Tate’s activity for years, and last year released a report naming him as an extremist. Tate was even banned from Twitter, but his account has been reinstated recently.

Andrew Tate has also been questioned for alleged human trafficking. Two women have claimed they were held against their will, and one woman has alleged that Tate raped her. As part of an ongoing investigation into organized crime, Tate and his brother were detained in Romania.

In the last few days, Tate has made several tweets that are ambiguous. However, one of his posts seems to have mentioned the arrest. On Friday, he tweeted that “The Matrix sent their agents”.

Although Tate’s social media accounts have been barred from some social networks, he has a lot of fans on Twitter. His account has racked up more than 3.5 million followers.