Andrew Tate Has a Lot to Prove to Tam Khan, MMA Promoter and Businessman

The former kickboxer turned Internet celebrity, Andrew Tate, has a lot to prove. But there’s one tycoon who has been looking over his shoulder. Tam Khan, a British MMA (mixed martial arts) promoter and businessman, has a lot to say about the man formerly known as Mr. Big.

The big reveal is that Tate was not on the radar for quite some time. This isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble, but it’s the first time he’s faced a legal tussle. On October 11, Tate was arrested during a human trafficking investigation. His brother, Tristan, was also taken into custody.

Tam Khan has weighed in with a video of his own, claiming the most important thing about this particular incident isn’t the arrest. It’s what he learned from it that he believes made all the difference in the world.

As for the video, it shows an unnamed “Tate” wearing a satin suit, mirroring some of the movements of his muso. He also joins a man dressed similarly to his colleague in prayer. Other than this, nothing much has been said. That said, Khan has been a staunch supporter of his friend and brother-in-law. And he’s not afraid to show it.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the “Tate” will be freed on the eve of his court appearance, but his family has offered up their support in any way they can. They’re also making their own apologies, if not directly.

If there’s one thing to be taken from the commotion of his detention, it’s that it’s clear that Andrew Tate isn’t the most popular of social media stars. After all, his Twitter presence hasn’t been seen for the past several months. Meanwhile, the real reason for his incarceration is still a mystery. So the question remains, will his detention be a long one?

Aside from the big question, Tam Khan is one of the few who has the chutzpah to ask. The former MMA star has been a friend of Mr. Big’s for years. However, he’s not a fan of the spotlight, as evidenced by his lackluster namaz kildig.

To be fair, the video was a promotional teaser for the upcoming “41 Tenets of Tate” event, which will be held on October 15. While Khan is a fan of the show, he hasn’t been invited to participate. However, the MMA star has been in Dubai lately, and he’s reportedly planning a trip to the U.S. to visit friends and relatives. Whether or not he’ll make it back to the States in time for his big debut is another matter.

In addition to his many YouTube videos, the former MMA star is also an avid user of Twitter. He spoofed the ominos of the social media space with the “Tate of Twitter,” and has even tweeted a bit about his own misdeeds. Until his release, there’s no telling what the future holds for the internet famous uncle.