Andrew Tate Cancelled Dubai Dubai Event

One of the most controversial figures on the Internet, Andrew Tate, has been banned from most of the major social media platforms. In August of this year, he was banned from YouTube and Instagram, as well as other sites. Despite his ban, he continues to post videos and spread his views.

The UK Observer newspaper published an investigation into his actions in August. It found that Tate and his “angels” had lured female victims by using a so-called “loverboy” method. They also lured them with promises of marriage. However, they had a falling out over the cancellation of a planned event.

Despite being banned from most of the big tech platforms, he still has an IQ of 148. This is considered a genius level IQ. He is also believed to own property worth millions on his own.

Since his banning, his profile has not been exposed to billions of new users. Some fans claim that the “censorship” of his narrative is a form of martyrdom.

Earlier this year, he claimed he was the world’s first trillionaire. But he has yet to reveal his earnings.

Tate is said to be living in a $30 million mansion in Romania. He likes to travel the world in a private jet. There, he spends time with his girlfriends.

His brother Tristan has also been arrested in Romania on r*pe. During the course of the investigation, prosecutors extended the detention to 30 days. According to reports, the brothers had allegedly kept six women under house arrest. Their p*rnographphic videos were viewed over 14 billion times.

In addition to the scandals, Tate is also accused of misrepresentations regarding sexual harassment. Recently, a woman alleged that he threatened her with violence if she texted him again.

Tate has a large fanbase that follows his every move. Many aficionados mimic his daily narrative on their own social media accounts. As a result, he is often featured on TikTok, which promotes an ultra-masculine lifestyle. Moreover, he has appeared in numerous videos with super cars and private jets.

Despite his controversial views, Tate has an audience of over 4.5 million followers. These fans continue to post his videos on their own Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Besides his social media accounts, Andrew Tate has several businesses. Most notably, he has created an online wealth generation course. Through this program, he teaches 18 modern money-making methods. At the price of Rs 3600 per month, it is believed that he makes a fortune from his courses.

Andrew Tate is currently planning for a boxing match with YouTube sensation Jake Paul. However, his social media accounts have been hacked and his name is being smeared. He has been banned from most of the major social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Despite his ban, he is expected to have a net worth of $355 million.

Although the “agents of the Matrix” are trying to kill him, Tate is still alive. He has been living with his brother in a mansion in Romania, but he wants to return to Dubai to live with his girlfriends.