Andrew Tate Banned From Compass App

A former kickboxer, Tate has managed to captivate a large following online and has been able to ride the wave of the popularity of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. His videos have garnered billions of views and have attracted the attention of many a pop culture savvy internet user. He even owns his own private jet. This is no small feat and has earned him the title of the most hated man on the internet.

However, Tate has also been accused of running a pyramid scheme through his online program Hustler’s University 2.0. This scheme allegedly enticed users with an affiliate marketing program that paid out a small commission to those who signed up for the platform. The site boasted an 80,000 member database, but the site itself has since closed.

Despite his questionable tactics, Tate was able to amass a considerable following. In June, he had more than one million followers on Instagram and more than a million subscribers on the video sharing site. He even appeared on the reality TV show Big Brother, where he was evicted from the house.

As an internet superstar, Tate has garnered a lot of press and controversy. He has a private plane, a stunning car collection, and a well-stocked abode in Thailand. While he has been criticized for making outrageous claims and claiming to be a success coach, he has not been found guilty of any charges.

Tate has been active in the far right circles for a while. While he has claimed to be a philanthropist and has made a name for himself as a self-proclaimed “success coach,” his most controversial comments have been his endorsement of violent physical aggression against women. One such incident involved a video in which Tate allegedly assaulted a woman with a belt, then claimed the video was edited.

Earlier this year, a Romanian police raided his home in response to a tip about an American woman held against her will. Tate, who has lived in a swanky mansion for the past several years, has been a subject of several media reports.

Tate has been banned from multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. This isn’t the first time he’s been the target of a social media ban. Some users have accused him of spreading misogyny to minors. Although Tate has denied all charges and is seeking release, the allegations have not gone away.

There are no hard numbers to determine just how many of the aforementioned videos have been removed from the platform, but he is estimated to have accumulated more than 13 billion views. TikTok said it uses software to identify videos that may violate its Community Guidelines. It also may remove content from channels dedicated to reposting banned content. If all goes according to plan, he’ll likely suffer the same fate as Donald Trump.

Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that Tate has a big audience, and it’s no surprise that his videos have gotten him in hot water. For instance, a recent video of him hitting a woman with a belt in an unspecified location has racked up more than 13 billion views on the site.