Andrew Tate and True Geordie – The Latest Online Beef

The latest online beef is between two internet superstars, Andrew Tate and True Geordie. Both are known for their controversial views on women and sexuality. This beef started in earnest when a fan asked True Geordie what he would do if he ever got into a fight with Tate. During the course of the interview, he answered the question in the context of a boxing match.

It is no secret that YouTube presenter Andrew Tate has an on-off beef with UK-based YouTuber True Geordie. Their differences range from a lack of respect to a ban from some social media platforms. In the course of the beef, a lot of rumors have circulated. One of the most intriguing rumors is that Andrew Tate has offered to do battle with KSI, another prominent YouTuber. However, despite a lot of hype and the appearance of a possible deal, none of the parties have stepped up to the plate.

The True Geordie has done something quite worthy of note in the form of a gimmick. For instance, he has dug up an old website of Andrew Tate that shows him to be a human trafficker. Despite this, he has yet to offer up an official apology or a public statement.

While most of us might have scoffed at the idea of a YouTuber making an actual apology for a video that has gone viral on the internet, the true Geordie has actually gone the extra mile. His most recent video is an apologetic effort, but it’s not enough.

Despite his best efforts, True Geordie’s brand is in tatters. He was branded as an Islamophobe and has lost his lucrative deal with PokerStars. There are also rumors that he has been banned from most digital and social media platforms. Fortunately for him, his fans have kept him going.

On a related topic, True Geordie has also been accused of making the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned. For example, he has a popular YouTube podcast called the True Geordie. And he has a YouTube channel with more than two million subscribers. Usually, the show is based on reaction content involving co-host Laurence McKenna. But one time, True Geordie took things a step further and poked fun at his upcoming opponent’s conversion to Islam.

Besides making an apologia for the most unpopular of remarks, he has mastered the art of the viral video. For example, he had a surprisingly large number of comments on his YouTube channel. Some of these were very positive while others were rather scathing.

If there’s one thing that Andrew Tate has shown us, it’s that the old adage that you don’t mess with the king of the social media is true. Not only did he make a few of the most ridiculous comments on Twitter, but he’s also made some very misogynistic and predatory statements.

Even though his name isn’t on the front page of Google, Andrew Tate is still a household name on the internet. In fact, he’s been on the receiving end of more high-profile calls for recognition than some companies have had employees.