Andre Royo Net Worth – How Much Is Andre Royo Worth?

Among the most renowned American actors, Andre Royo has played roles in films such as The Wire, The Spectacular Now, and Fringe. He has also appeared in TV series like Party Down and How to Make it in America. Despite having such a diverse acting career, Royo is still known for playing Bubbles Cousins in The Wire.


During his long and storied career as an actor, Andre Royo has been seen in a plethora of high profile television shows and films. In addition to his starring roles in Showtime’s Happyish, Royo also appeared in such movies as the aforementioned NTSF:SD:SUV and Drunk History. He also landed the most prestigious role as a member of the Special Victims Unit in Law & Order.

Andre Royo’s impressive list of credits also includes the likes of The Wire and Fringe. He has also received several awards, including the SXSW Film Festival’s special award for best actor in a feature film for his role in Red Tails. Among his accolades, Royo received a special jury award for his role in the film Hunter Gatherer, which he also directed. Andre Royo’s impressive list of awards and nominations also includes an Emmy nomination in the category of best supporting actor for his role in Prime Suspect.

Royo is a Bronx native and is a native of the state of New York. He has been married to Jane Choi for twenty-one years and they share an adult daughter named Stella. Jane is also a successful businesswoman and is the owner of the Los Angeles restaurant Canele. She also managed to block a court order to award her husband spousal support.

As of April of this year, Royo is fifty-one years old. He has been a devoted father and husband and is a proud Cuban-American.


Known for his role as Bubbles on HBO’s crime drama The Wire, Andre Royo has a long list of films and television series. In addition, he is also a writer and producer. He and his wife, Jane Choi, have a daughter, Stella. They are happy together.

Before his acting career, Royo worked in construction in New York. He made his acting debut in 1998 with a minor guest role in L.A. Without a Map. He later joined a small acting company at Room 203, a theater in Manhattan.

In 2008, he played a drug addicted homeless serial killer in Criminal Minds, an episode titled “Catching Out.” The actor remained upbeat and charismatic in the role, while also providing profound insight into the theme.

Royo also appeared in the Marvel’s Agent Carter series in 2015, where he played the character of Agent Carter, a man destined to become the president of the United States. He later appeared in Showtime’s Happyish, where he played the character of Barry, a geometry teacher. He also starred in Red Tails, playing the character of Antwan Coleman. He later played the character of Stephen Canfield in the third season of Heroes.

In 2016, Royo received a Special Jury Award at the SXSW Film Festival for his performance in Hunter Gatherer. He also appeared in the NBC sitcom Friends, playing Ben Geller. He also starred in the John Singleton remake of Shaft, a film based on the Great Gatsby. He also appeared in Lila & Eve, a drama film featuring Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis.


Touted as an actor, producer and film producer, Andre Royo has been in the entertainment business for the better part of a decade. He has starred in several TV series and films, and has been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Some of his most notable credits include HBO’s The Wire, Fox’s Empire, NBC’s Prime Suspect and Showtime’s Happyish. Aside from his starring roles, Royo has also been a producer, director and writer. His production company, HB Studios, has also released several notable films, including the acclaimed thriller Red Tails and the heist movie The Spectacular Now.

He was born in the Bronx, New York on July 18, 1968. His height is a respectable five feet and five inches and he weighs in at a hefty 73 pounds. Royo has a nice set of teeth, which he wears like a badge of honor. In addition to his acting and producing hats, Royo has a slew of side jobs that have helped to pay the bills. One of his lesser known duties is as a screenwriter, where he has penned scripts for hits such as The Spectacular Now and Prime Suspect. Royo is also a philanthropist, who has amassed a sizable collection of artwork, including a framed painting by Leonardo DiCaprio. Royo has a plethora of other interests, including playing in bands, jogging, and tinkering with electronics.

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Considering his prolific output, Royo can be forgiven for the occasional lapse in concentration. For example, he recently snuck out for a day or two in the name of errands, and has been known to drop by a friend’s shindig in the name of research. A trip to the ole’ state may have provided some much needed R&R, but a return trip to the motherland will be the icing on the cake. Luckily for him, his wife is a staunch proponent of impromptu road trips, and there are plenty of family friendly hangouts in the vicinity. In short, Royo is an entertainer.


Despite his success as an actor, Andre Royo has never been known for breaking into bank accounts. His career started out in 1998 when he was cast in the television series L.A. Without A Map. He then went on to star in the film Red Tails as Antwan Coleman. He later appeared in the show Heroes in season 3 and also played a character named Stephen Canfield. In 2008, Royo was cast as a homeless serial killer in the Criminal Minds episode “Catching Out.”

Royo has worked in several films, including Shaft, Hand of God, Hellbenders and The Spectacular Now. He is also a producer and writer. He has appeared in many television shows, including Agent Carter, Fringe and How to Make It in America. He also has a daughter named Stella with his wife Jane Choi.

Royo’s net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $1 million. He is a native of the Bronx, New York. He is of African American and Cuban descent. However, he has been told by casting directors that he is not ‘black enough’. He is currently married to Jane Choi, whom he married on November 21, 1997. They have an adult daughter named Stella. Their assets include real estate and cars.

Andre Royo has appeared in more than 50 episodes of the HBO series “The Wire”. He was also a featured actor in the Marvel’s Agent Carter series, which aired in 2015. He has also appeared in several other television shows, including The LAByrinth Theater Company’s “A View From 151 St.” at the Public Theater in New York, and Party Down. He also appeared in The Miracle of Spanish Harlem.


Among the many stars in the entertainment world, Andre Royo has a long and storied career. His most famous role was in the series The Wire (2002 – 2008) as Bubbles Cousins. He has also been in the movies “Shaft” (2000) and “Perfume” (2001). His most recent film appearance was in “The Spectacular Now” (2013). He has also appeared on TV shows like Empire, Party Down, How to Make It in America, and Fringe.

Royo has been active in the entertainment industry since 1998. His first film appearance was in the romantic comedy drama “L.A. Without a Map” (1998). He also appeared in episodic roles in 1999 and 2007. His breakthrough came in 2002, when he appeared in the series “The Wire”.

He also has a production company, Royo Films, which he founded with his brother. He is also a member of the David Guy Levy’s The Doomed Planet art collective. He was also a part of a Key & Peele sketch as the alcoholic father of a bully. In 2008, he made a brief appearance in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” He has a daughter, Stella, with his wife, Jane Choi. Royo has also been active on social media, with a few Twitter and Facebook accounts. He also has a website, which features his IMDB page and Wikipedia page. His other notable feat is his estimated net worth, which has been updated regularly.