Andre Dre Height – Christopher Lyon Height

Did you know that Andre Dre’s height is listed on his Instagram account? The hip-hop artist was born in New York City but moved to Miami with his family when he was five. He is of Jamaican descent and graduated from North Miami High School. Dre is currently working on a solo album called “The Trunk” that will be released on Epidemic Music. The album will feature collaborations with Rick Ross and Dirtbag.

Cool & Dre were born in North Miami, Florida, but their music was not only inspired by the neighborhood. They produced albums for rap artists and were also involved in the music industry, working with many of the biggest names in the business. Among their most notable collaborations were with Fat Joe, who they signed to their record label in 2001. Other notable collaborations included Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III and IV albums and Jay-Z’s Everything Is Love album.

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Cool & Dre also launched their own record label called Epidemic Music. This label will release Dre’s solo album, The Trunk, featuring the hit single “Chevy Ridin’ High.” Currently, Dre and Cool are working with up and coming artists in Miami. They hope to continue creating quality music and continue to release No. 1 hits. This article introduces some of the most famous hip hop artists in history.

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