Ana Maria Polo Net Worth 2021

Described as a Cuban-American television personality, TV arbitrator Ana Maria Polo made a name for herself in the Spanish-language television world by hosting “Caso Cerrado” and “Persuguiendo Injusticias”. She is also an author and actress. She has been at the forefront of the fight against discrimination, and has worked with organizations to find a cure for cancer.

She first appeared on Latin-American television in 2001 when she appeared on the program “Sala de parejas” (Couple’s Court). She later expanded her show to include cases outside of the domestic sphere. In 2005, she added a non-marital case segment to her show. In addition, she became the arbiter on Caso Cerrado, which has been hugely successful. In 2011, she received the Mickey Leland Humanitarian Achievement Award, which recognizes a humanitarian commitment to the communications industry.

Before becoming an arbiter, Polo worked as a family attorney for 20 years. She graduated from the University of Miami School of Law with a Ph.D. in law and political science. She also studied at the Academia Del Perpetuo Socorro in Miramar, Puerto Rico. She then went on to work for Emanuel Perez & Associates, P.A. in Miami.

She was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2003. She underwent removal of her right breast and ovaries, and lost her thyroid gland. She has since participated in a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. She has also held fundraisers to help with cancer research. In 2011, she received the first Hispanic Ambassador for Stand Up To Cancer. She has also given presentations on cancer research. Despite her battle with cancer, she is still a popular figure on the television scene. She was also invited to perform at the San Prieto Basilica by Pope Paulo VI in 1975.

She is a Cuban-American who was born in Havana, Cuba. She grew up in Puerto Rico. She is a daughter of Joaquin Polo and Delia Polo. She moved to the United States when she was two. She has had various professions and has accumulated a good amount of wealth from them. In addition, she has become a role model for women who are battling breast cancer. In fact, she was recently named one of the most influential Hispanic personalities in the world.

In 1975, she was invited by the Pope Paulo VI to sing in the chorus of Jubilee, a musical event. She has a musical background, and is said to have discovered her talent during her school years. She has also participated in musicals with her sister, Alina. She joined the chorus of Jubilee in 1975, and sang at the St. Peter’s Basilica.

She was awarded the first Hispanic Ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer in 2011. She has been actively involved in fighting discrimination, and has worked with organizations to search for a cure for cancer. She has also been nominated for the Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards for her work on “Caso Cerrado.” Her program was the first Spanish-language show to be nominated for an Emmy.