Ana Kasparian Net Worth

Ana Kasparian is a successful American political commentator and co-host of a popular news show on YouTube. She started working in the media at the age of twenty. She has been involved with a number of networks, including the Young Turks and KFWB. She has also been a lecturer at California State University, Northridge. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Kasparian has worked as an assistant producer at two Los Angeles-based CBS radio stations. Later, she became a journalism lecturer at California State University, Northridge. She began teaching journalism classes in August 2013. She describes herself as a friendly and engaging teacher. Her biggest challenge is avoiding expletives when speaking to students.

Ana Kasparian’s first career was as a production assistant at CBS radio. She quit that job after one year because it wasn’t a good fit, but later on she found a home in the media. Her next job was with “The Young Turks,” where she found fulfillment. In addition to her work at The Young Turks, Kasparian is a university professor.

Ana Kasparian has a net worth of $2 million, and she earns around $50,000 a month. Her earnings per month are enough to pay for a luxury apartment in Los Angeles. However, she doesn’t let other people into her private life, which makes her net worth even higher.

Ana Kasparian is married to Christian Lopez, a baseball player in the Minor Leagues. The two were engaged in late 2015 and married in a public ceremony in 2016. She has no children. However, her net worth is estimated to increase if she ever marries another person.

In October 2015, Ana Kasparian became engaged to Christian Lopez, a minor league baseball player and actor. The couple were dating for a few months before becoming engaged. Christian Lopez proposed by carving a pumpkin with the words “Will you marry me?” Ana Kasparian immediately said “yes” and the two married secretly in November 2015 and a public wedding in 2016.

In August 2013, Kasparian began teaching at California State University, Northridge. This has helped her earn an income that she can use to help pay her bills. Her net worth is relatively small. But, she is working hard to earn it. Kasparian’s career has allowed her to make a big impact in the world of entertainment.

Kasparian’s parents immigrated to the United States from Armenia. They raised her in a community called Reseda. She attended Valley Alternative Magnet High School, Van Nuys, and later went on to earn a Masters degree in political science. During her time in college, she interned at several radio stations, and she also worked as an assistant at a number of news networks.

Ana Kasparian is an American television host and producer. She co-produced the 2010 documentary Who is Cenk Uygur. She also made her feature film debut with Hopeless. She has appeared on a number of shows, including TYT Arm Wrestling Tournament, The Aloyna Show, and TakePart Live.