Amway G&H Body Lotion Review

If you want a nourishing body lotion that will leave you feeling silky and hydrated, try the Allantion enriched G&H Body Lotion. It will hydrate and nourish your skin, making it glow with health and vitality. It also contains Vitamin A, which makes your skin look young and fresh.

The G&H Nourish+(tm) body lotion is a unique blend of botanical ingredients and restorative properties. It was created with an eco-conscious, balanced approach. This line is the result of Amway’s commitment to R&D and its skin expertise. It’s a breakthrough in gentle, effective body care.

The G&H Protect+ deodorant spray and body lotion have deodorising properties and help protect the skin from harmful toxins. The formula uses natural minerals and white tea extract to gently cleanse and protect the skin. Amway delivers these products in eco-efficient refill pouches. They are available through their independent business network.

G&H body lotion is a white, medium-textured lotion that absorbs easily without making your skin sticky. It also contains glycerine and honey, which help nourish skin. The fragrance is pleasant and not overwhelming. The G&H line also includes body wash-gel and concentrated hand soap.