ALPHA 15-55 HWR-D by Grundfos

The ALPHA 15-55 HWR-D is a wireless push-button activated recirculation pump that delivers comfort in the home. The pump automatically starts when hot water demand is detected. It requires no return line or electricity under the sink. The pump can recirculate water up to 102degF. It will stop after five minutes of inactivity.

Its wireless operation and permanent magnet motor help minimize energy consumption. The system is also silent and easy to install. It can save up to 50% of a homeowner’s water and electricity consumption. The Grundfos ALPHA 15-55 HWR-D is a smart, efficient solution for recirculating hot water in a home.

The ALPHA 15-55 HWR-D is a self-healing pump designed to reduce energy consumption in private households. It features a simple, intuitive user interface. It is also easy to install and can self-heal itself if necessary. It has been approved for use in the USA.