Allah Quotes in Urdu

allah quotes in urdu

Allah Quotes in Urdu are an important part of the Islamic religion. They inspire and motivate people to do good in life. Islam is a religion that preaches peace, love, and justice, and Allah Quotes in Urdu can be helpful in this regard. In addition, these inspiring quotes can be used in various Islamic festivals, such as Jumma Mubarak, which is a day of giving thanks to Allah.

Allah Poetry in Urdu is mostly narrated during the month of Rabi ul Awwal, which marks the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Allah is the Creator of the universe, the First and the Last, the Most High, the Most Hidden, and the Most Near.

Nowadays, sharing stories and status updates in Urdu has become common. But, sharing good wisdom words is even better. If you are looking to inspire and motivate others, sharing some powerful Islamic Urdu quotes would be the best option for you. The message of Allah’s love, peace, and forgiveness are powerful and inspiring.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) once said, “Aisi sawari hai, ya takleef uthao, tang dasti naa, sach bolna, and taqat houtay hue maaf karna!”

Allah quotes in Urdu are a beautiful way to express gratitude for the Creator’s love and mercy. It shows our gratitude to Him for our existence and our prayers. It helps us to remember that Allah is the ultimate source of all happiness. With the help of Allah, we can make our lives better and happier.

The best way to thank God for His mercy and forgiveness is to follow his instructions. This way, we can fulfill the desires of our hearts. In order to worship Allah, we must make a good example for ourselves and others. If we don’t, we can’t be happy. The words in the Quran should guide us in our lives.