Alexandra Laigle Net Worth Revealed

Taking a stroll down memory lane may reveal that Alexandra Laigle has had an active role in LuLaRoe since its inception in 2015. She is no doubt a successful multi-level marketing tycoon with an estimated net worth in the low six figures. She is also no stranger to the limelight as a wife and mother of two. Her husband, an ex-financial analyst for the US Department of Defense, is a staunch LuLaRoe supporter. Aside from the aforementioned duo, the LuLaRoe empire also includes a cadre of former LuLaRoe consultants including Amy Schafer and her former husband, Eric Worre. For instance, Eric’s claim to fame is that he is a network marketing ninja who has a net worth of forty million dollars. He also happens to be one of the more enlightened members of the LuLaRoe nex. One of the best parts about the Laigel family is that they are fun to be around. After all, the perks of being part of a large network of like-minded individuals are no doubt a good ol’ time.

The name of the company evokes a warm fuzzy feeling in all involved, which is why Alexandra is able to maintain her own full time job while still selling dozens of dresses a month. As the name implies, the company is a network marketing behemoth. The company boasts a legion of more than 35,000 consultants.