Alexandra Jarvis Net Worth – Real Estate Agent and Actress

Currently, Alexandra Jarvis is a real estate agent and actress who is famous for her role in the reality series, Selling the OC. The series, which airs on Netflix, follows eleven new real estate agents, as they navigate the Orange County real estate market. During her first year in the industry, Alexandra Jarvis closed $40 million in sales. Her net worth is estimated to be between $4 million and $5 million. She is also engaged to businessman and entrepreneur Sergio Ducoulombier. The pair have been together since they met three years ago in Newport Beach.

Previously, Alexandra Jarvis was an attorney and a litigation specialist. After her graduation from UC Irvine School of Law, she practiced employment law in Newport Beach. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in international business from Auburn University. In addition to her legal skills, she also developed problem-solving skills and a knack for conflict resolution.

After a few years of practicing law, Alexandra decided to switch her career path to the real estate industry. She started with The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach. After a few months, she closed more than $50 million in real estate sales. She is currently employed with the same firm. She also serves as a model and uses her legal skills to help her customers find the perfect home. She credits her past with helping her succeed as a real estate salesperson.

Previously, Alexandra Jarvis was married to Michael French, but they broke up in late 2015. In early winter of 2018, Alexandra filed for divorce. The reason for the split is unknown, but it’s believed that Alexandra’s father died. She also has one younger brother named Robb Jarvis. She is also the eldest child in her family. Currently, she is living in Alabama.

Alexandra Jarvis was born on May 6, 1990, in Helena, Alabama. She is the eldest child of Pamela and Robert Jarvis. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has a slender body. She has a Taurus zodiac sign and is a multiracial person with both southern and northern roots. She recently traveled to Tulum, Mexico with her boyfriend.

She graduated from UC Irvine School of Law with honors and also studied Spanish at Auburn University. She also has a valid real estate license. She has worked in the legal industry for a long time, and has helped many clients in the law business. She uses tools from her legal career, such as problem-solving skills and a knack for negotiation, to help her clients find the perfect home. She uses her knowledge of real estate to help clients find and sell multi-million dollar properties.

Alexandra Jarvis also has a model fiance named Sergio Ducoulombier. The couple met during a dinner party in Newport Beach, California. As a result of this meeting, she fell in love with him. Now, they have become engaged on December 25, 2020. They are expected to tie the knot in 2022. Their fiance, Sergio, is a successful businessman who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of a company called Slip Cash Inc.