Aldila Rip D NV 65 Shaft Review

This Aldila rip D NV 65 shaft review focuses on the features of this line shaft. This shaft offers height and launch control for those players who want some extra help with their golf shots. The price is right too; it will cost you less than $75.

It is a solid shaft with a mid-low trajectory. It is a great choice for players with lower single-digit handicaps. However, it can be difficult to get the ball airborne unless you hit the ball with sufficient clubhead speed. If you struggle with ballooning, you may want to consider another model. This shaft offers good distance and good feel, so it is a solid choice for players who are serious about improving their game.

The Aldila RIP NV shaft uses computer-modeling technology to design a shaft that is light and powerful. RIP technology improves the strength of the shaft’s tip, which results in a more stable shaft. This technology also produces a shaft that has a lower torque.

Aldila RIP NV uses patented technology and exclusive materials to create the ultimate golf shaft. Its lightweight, streamlined design provides the ultimate feel, while its optimum flex, torque and control characteristics offer unparalleled control and accuracy. It also comes with a Tour Velvet 360 grip. It can be easily swapped for a stock shaft if necessary.

This Aldila rip D NV shaft review will reveal whether or not this model delivers on the brand’s promises. The RIP NV carries the same traditional profile as the first one but incorporates new technology. The RIP NV also features a new interlay design. The new RIP NV also features a muted color scheme that should appeal to those with more conservative tastes.