Al Blades Net Worth

Known for his wacky sense of humor, Al Blades is the kind of guy you wish you had an afternoon drink with. In his spare time, he has built a business out of cutting grass and mowing it for hire. Using that as a springboard, Blades has penned up more than 50 customers and has a burgeoning empire on his hands. Having said that, Al Blades has his flaws.

Al Blades may be the most awe inspiring person imaginable, but his brashness has earned him a few enemies over the years. Despite a tumultuous collegiate football career, Blades managed to make it to the big dance, but not without a few bruising moments along the way. He was also a player in the NFL for four seasons, but the highlight of his career was winning the Super Bowl and earning the NFL’s coveted all-time sack record. He was also on hand to witness his brother Brian’s eventual emigration to the pros, but he managed to wrangle a starring role as well. Having said that, Blades has since relocated to the sunny clime of Florida. Hopefully, his new found prosperity will pay off in a big way in the coming years.

Al Blades has a well documented history of big, hairy, and good old fashion fashioned fun. Despite his petty squabbles with the law, he has managed to turn his hobby into a lucrative business. Having said that, Al Blades is no longer the man he once was. He is married to Linda, with whom he eschewed the bachelor lifestyle to raise a family. Despite their respective schedules, Al and Linda are still the best of friends.