Ajahn Brahm Quotes

ajahn brahm quotes

Ajahn Brahm is a Buddhist meditation master who taught meditation to many people around the world. His life was marked by intense meditation and a very low ego. His advice to others was “A good friend has no bottom.” He also advised, “When the weather is hot, stay cool.”

When the weather is hot, keep a cool mind

Ajahn Brahm’s famous quote translates into “When the weather is hot, keep a cool head.” This quote is particularly applicable in hot weather. It reminds us that we can walk out of the past at any moment. In contrast, it is very important to have a warm heart when the weather is cold. The reason tragedy keeps repeating itself is to teach us. By practicing meditation, we can develop a powerful mental muscle and walk out of the past.

Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery

Ajahn Brahm is a famous Buddhist teacher, who belongs to the Theravada lineage. He was born in 1951 and has been a monk for 30 years. He was educated at Cambridge University in England and then trained at Bodhinyana Monastery, Thailand, under Ajahn Chah. He has taught Buddhism throughout the world and is widely known for his compassion and wit.

Brahm recommends that we practice one-minute meditation. He encourages us to not worry about time, but to focus on achieving inner peace. We should not try to force our minds, but rather try to relax, and to show kindness to others.

Buddhist monk’s life

Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm quotes about his life are often quoted to inspire people and guide them on their journey of life. Ajahn Brahm was born in 1951 in London, UK, and trained in theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge before returning to Thailand to practice in the lineage of Ajahn Chah. He has been honoured with numerous awards and honors over the years.

Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm is a well-known teacher of the Theravada tradition and has a strong message for the world. He encourages us to use kindness and mindful restraint in the face of increasingly violent mass protests and an escalating economic crisis.