Afroman Net Worth 2022

Known as Afroman, Joseph Edgar Foreman is an American rap star who was born in Palmdale, California. He has been in the music industry since 1992. He is best known for his hit song “Because I Got High.” The song was nominated for a 2002 Grammy award in the Best Rap Performance category.

In his 20-year career, Afroman has released 12 studio albums. He has also made a name for himself as a performer and has appeared in several television shows and movies. Despite his success, Afroman has had his share of controversy. One of his more notable moments was when he was arrested for assault in Mississippi. The charges against Afroman were dropped after he signed a bond. The arrest took place in February 2015 in Biloxi, Mississippi.

In 2002, Afroman signed a deal with Universal Records. This deal saw Afroman signing a six-album contract. Afroman’s first album was called My Fro-philosophy. This album was a commercial success and was one of the best selling albums of the year.

In the same year, Afroman released his first rap song. This song was a hit, selling hundreds of copies. Afroman then recorded a satire on the typical Christmas carols, called Jobe Bells. This song was a hit on its own, and also made the charts. In the same year, Afroman performed with Method Man and Derrell Havard at a Cypress Hill fall festival. Afroman has released many songs and has sold hundreds of thousands of albums.

In 2015, Afroman was arrested for assault in Mississippi. During his performance, Afroman was hit by a woman who climbed onto the stage. He was then escorted off the stage and arrested. The arrest was made in the same month as Afroman’s first single. Afroman reportedly had to make an apology to the woman in public.

Afroman has also been involved in a recent scandal. In February 2015, Afroman was arrested for assault in Biloxi, Mississippi. He was charged with hitting a woman during a performance, and was released from bail. His arrest came a month after Afroman performed in Mississippi.

He has also been involved in several other scandals. In the same year, Afroman made a splash with his hit song, “Because I Got High.” He has also been involved in a few other scandals, including his arrest for assault in Mississippi. Afroman has a net worth of about $1 million, which is relatively small compared to the rest of his career. The net worth of Afroman will continue to grow as he continues to produce more hits. He is also a multi-instrumentalist. He plays the guitar, drums, and piano. He also has undergone several plastic surgery procedures. The Afroman of today is a well-rounded performer, and his talent has helped him build a substantial net worth. He is also a celebrity, and is listed on Wikipedia as a famous celebrity born in the United States.

In the aforementioned rap song, Afroman used the ol’ fashioned “smoking the pot” trick, but the real test was the legality of smoking marijuana in the state of Mississippi. Eventually, marijuana was legalized, and the “Because I Got High” is now an icon of the state’s re-legalization.