Aesop B&C Facial Balancing Gel Review

Aesop B&C Facial Balancing Gel is rich in Vitamin B and stabilised Vitamin C, which helps hydrate thirsty skin and balance tone. It’s a luxuriously dense gel that delivers a potent vitamin boost to both sensitive and combination skin types.

The formula of Aesop B&C facial balancing gel contains multiple vitamins and antioxidants that help balance skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It also contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, which delivers high levels of moisture. Witch hazel and seed oil are also used to provide olfactory qualities.

Aesop B&C Facial Balancing Gel is best used nightly, or whenever your skin feels dehydrated. Its concentrated gel texture and luxurious herbaceous floral fragrance help nourish and soothe skin. It can be paired with other Aesop skin care products, such as Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque.