Acuvim II Series Power Meters

The Acuvim II series is a complete line of high-end multifunction power and energy meters. These meters have many functions and are designed for easy integration in any environment. They can be used for monitoring energy consumption and kWh usage, as well as analyzing the quality of energy. Moreover, the Acuvim II meters can communicate with 15 different industry protocols.

The Acuvim II is equipped with two communication modules: AXM-PROFI for PROFIBUS and AXM-NET for Ethernet. The Ethernet communications module supports MODBUS communication over Ethernet. The Acuvim II meters can also be connected to other devices that have a USB port. Acuvim II meters are compatible with the Acuview software, which enables easy data logging and remote access.

The Acuvim II is a multifunction power meter manufactured by Accuenergy. It is a reliable, cost-effective solution for monitoring and controlling power distribution systems. Its data logging memory is up to 4M and features up to three assignable historical logs.