Abira Greene Net Worth

Currently, Abia Greene is one of the most popular women on television. She has a successful career in dance and has appeared on many different reality television shows. This has helped her rise in fame and her net worth. She currently has a net worth of $300,000.


Having recently made her debut in the third season of Little Women: Atlanta, Abira Greene is a rising star in the music scene of ATL. Born in Tampa, Florida, she moved to Atlanta in order to pursue her music career. She is a rapper, dancer, and mom to four children. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million U.S. dollars.

Having started as an exotic dancer ten years ago, she is now working to expand her rap career. She is also a part of a new musical group called The Street Execs. She is a big fan of Bumpman, whose relationship with her has been on the social media frontlines.

Abira has been getting attention for her feisty personality, which has been a theme throughout the show. She has even feuded with co-star Amanda Salinas.

She is also known for her dance moves, which have been a source of controversy on the show. In the episode “Skinny Minnie”, Abira performs a song for Johnny. She says that her crowd went wild for her. She also gets a chance to perform on stage.

Abira also gets a chance to meet Juicy’s business partner, Johnny. She is invited to go shopping with him. Juicy tells her that she needs to build her trust. She also tells her to keep her eyes open. Fortunately, Abira is on the right track.

Abira also goes to a spa to detoxify her body. Her boyfriend, Jordan, has nothing to do with the incident.

Abira also makes a recurring appearance on season 5 of the show. She is referred to as the “small lady” among the ladies.

Relationship status

Amongst the many cast members of Little Women: Atlanta, Abira Greene stands out as an up-and-coming star. She first appeared on the show during season three, but she has since returned as a recurring cast member for seasons five and six.

Abira Greene is a talented dancer, rapper, and reality TV star. She was born in Tampa, Florida, and moved to Atlanta to pursue a music career. She is also the mother of four children, including two sons, Jazsper and J-Henri. She has a net worth of $1 million to $5 million U.S. dollars.

Abira Greene is also a reality star who has appeared on TV shows such as Little Women: Atlanta. She has also worked as an exotic dancer before she became a star. She is also bookable. She has made a lot of money from her stint as a reality star, and is still earning from her gigs as a dancer. She has a YouTube channel, where she has posted four episodes of her show. She has released a mixtape, ‘Are You As Tall As Me’.

Abira Greene and rapper Bumpman are amongst the stars of Lifetime’s Little Women: Atlanta. Both have made big moves in the Atlanta music scene, which has become highly competitive. In season five, Abira and Bumpman took their relationship to the next level. They even shared a kiss.

The relationship between Abira and Bumpman took the social media world by storm. Both stars have a knack for creating buzz, and they have taken the relationship to new heights in Season 5. They have also managed to break into the hip-hop scene. They have even started dating. They have even been spotted holding hands in public.

Dance career

‘Little Women: Atlanta’ star Abira Greene is making a splash in the Atlanta music scene. After working as an exotic dancer, she relocated to Atlanta to pursue a music career. In 2018, she released a mixtape called ‘Are You As Tall As Me?’. She also launched a clothing line called Eminenence Eyewear by Juicy.

In the third season of ‘Little Women: Atlanta,’ Abira Greene became a recurring cast member. She and co-star Amanda Salinas have had a few clashes. In the finale, Abira pops off at an event where Minnie Ross celebrates her birthday. She also confronts her twins after the event, accusing them of not getting the crowd riled up. She also talks about her relationship with Minnie.

During Season 6, Abira Greene will be a main cast member. She and Amanda Salinas will have a relationship that plays out in Season 6. During Season 6, she gets a major surprise. She also starts to realize that she wants to leave the music business to spend more time with her family.

‘Little Women: Atlanta’ season 6 will premiere in January of 2021. In the premiere episode, Minnie is introduced to a new man, who turns out to be a hip hop legend. During the episode, Minnie gives an intimate look into her life and love. Her mother also adds fuel to the fire. She also talks about her health.

Abira Greene also has a relationship with rapper Bumpman. The pair started dating in Season 5. Bumpman was also an achondroplastic dwarf. This relationship became a social media sensation. They also shared a first kiss.

Abira Greene is a fan favorite. She has made appearances in 18 episodes of ‘Little Women: Atlanta.’ She is also a singer. She started her dance career at age 17. She went by the stage name Fire before becoming a reality television star.

Reality TV career

Currently, Abira Greene is one of the cast members of the Lifetime series Little Women: Atlanta. She has appeared in 18 episodes of the show. She is also known for her work in the entertainment industry as an exotic dancer and rapper. She is also the mother of four children.

Abira Greene’s main role on the show is to keep the drama going. She has a frenemy relationship with her co-star Amanda Salinas. She also has a romance with rapper Bumpman. However, she has also been accused of asking for work behind her back.

She was also known as “Fire” in her former career as an exotic dancer. In addition to her reality TV work, she has also been an emcee for private events and club appearances. In 2018, she released a mixtape called Are You As Tall As Me? and a clothing line called Shirlene Eminenence Eyewear.

She has a house full of children, including two sons and two daughters. The family lives in Florida. Abira says that she has been dancing for 10 years. She is now trying to break into hip hop. She has a YouTube channel where she posts four episodes. She is also an entrepreneur.

In the Season 6 premiere, Abira Greene has a hard time balancing her life with her job. She struggles to keep up with her kids and her show. She is also dealing with civil unrest throughout the country. She tries to teach her children about the Black Lives Matter movement. She says that she had to fight for respect as a woman.

Abira Greene has become a popular figure in the entertainment industry. She has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Personal life

‘Little Women’ star Abira Greene is no stranger to the limelight. She’s been a fixture on the Lifetime series since Season 3 – though her latest stint is Season 6 – and has garnered a following in the process. The rapper, singer, and dancer has become a mainstay on the show. During her tenure, she’s been a part of some of the show’s most memorable moments, such as a feud with co-star Amanda Salinas. She also has her fair share of accolades to her name.

Abira is a dancer by trade, but her singing career hasn’t kept her out of the limelight. She has released a couple of mixes, most notably ‘Are You As Tall As Me?’ in 2018. She also has a YouTube channel devoted to her musical endeavors. She’s also a mother, though her two boys – Jazsper and J-Henri – are not little people.

She’s also got a bevy of official social media accounts. She has a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and an Instagram page. In addition, Abira has her own website. She’s also a recurring cast member on ‘Little Women’, and makes a number of cameo appearances in Season 5.

She’s also got a little something to say about the best dancing pair in town. She and the twins have had a number of memorable moments on the show, including a tidbit involving one of the twins. When the pair were performing for a crowd, Abira twerked it out. Her co-stars and other cast members also got a kick out of it. It’s not hard to see why. She has a knack for dancing and making crowds go crazy.