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Founder and CEO of the international funds transfer company Dahabshiil, Abdirashid Duale is no small-timer. His father built the company while Duale was still a kid, and it was he who expanded the company’s reach to new markets. During the civil war, Duale’s father had to do some of the heavy lifting, but his son ultimately took the helm and re-emerged on the scene with a bang.

While Duale’s company offers a range of financial services to both individuals and businesses, the largest draw is its remittance service. Its international offices, which include Dubai and London, provide money transfer services to individuals and business partners in more than 144 countries. In addition to its core remittance service, Dahabshiil also offers full financial services to its international clients. Its business model is based on commissions charged on the transaction, but it still makes the buck on the currency exchange.

In 2009, Duale’s father retired from the business, leaving him to take it over. His son took a bold step and acquired the company’s majority stake, a bold move considering the company’s financial health. In 2008, Duale also made the aforementioned small-scale, but significant, move, buying a majority share in SomTel, a leading Somali telecoms and mobile internet firm. In addition to mobile banking, SomTel also provides an innovative platform that enables users to manage their finances on the move. Its website offers a mobile app that can be used by anyone, regardless of their language or religion. In addition to the mobile banking service, SomTel also offers a variety of other financial services, such as a mobile money wallet and a mobile-optimized bank account.

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Various media outlets have featured Abdirashid Haji Duale in their reports. He is a businessman who owns various properties in Dubai and Hargeisa. He is also the CEO of the Dahabshiil Group, which is an international money transfer company. He is also a speaker at international conferences. He has appeared in BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, and The Economist.

His company has been dubbed the business of the year in the Horn of Africa. It employs more than 2,000 people, and has branches in 126 countries. It also provides services to the United Nations, Save the Children, and Oxfam. It is one of the largest privately owned companies in the Horn of Africa. In addition, it has been recognised for its contribution to the Somali community.

Abdirashid Haji Duale is a successful businessman who started from a humble background in Somalia. He has extensive experience in the banking and finance industry in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. He has also contributed to a number of charitable causes. His work includes assisting in the fight against famine in Somalia in 2011.

Abdirashid Duale has also been a regular keynote speaker at international conferences. He has also appeared on local television and radio stations. He is the GCEO of the Dahabshiil Group, which provides money transfer services and creates employment opportunities in Africa. He is also an advocate for financial inclusion in developing countries. In addition, he believes that remittances are an essential part of the global development agenda. He advocates that companies should be involved in helping the Somali community cope with the hardships they face.

Business ventures

During the civil war in Somalia, Mr Duale and his family had to flee the country, but the business that his father had started had already grown into a huge firm. His father used the network of business associates he had built up in the Middle East and Africa to expand his firm.

Mr Duale’s father started the firm by providing financial services to Somali refugees in Ethiopia. When Mr Duale was eight years old, he began working for the company. He started selling bread to sugar and shoes. During this time, he also learned about international trade.

Mr Duale’s father later launched a debit card service in Somalia. He also turned to Somali migrant workers in the Gulf to repatriate the earnings. In this way, the company had access to hard currency from Yemen business centres.

Mr Duale’s family later set up an office in London, in response to an influx of Somali immigrants to the UK. The company has offices in Djibouti, Dubai, and London. Aside from serving Somalis in Somalia, the company is also a financial service provider to international organisations in Africa.

Mr Duale has vast experience in money transfer operations. In addition, he is a regular speaker at international conferences and has founded new companies in Africa and the Middle East. He also speaks on development finance, emerging markets, and remittances.

Dahabshiil has grown into the biggest international money transfer company in the Horn of Africa. It is considered a specialist in the remittance industry and has over 24,000 locations in 144 countries. In addition, the company has received awards from Cambridge IFA for good governance.

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Among the millions of Somalians, Abdirashid Duale has one leg up on the competition. He is the CEO of Somtel, a telecommunications organization with a budget that would make any businessman drool. He has also garnered millions of dollars in celebrity cashouts, making him the envy of his fellow Somalian brethren. Having said that, he does not live in the spotlight. Rather, he prefers to live in the shadows. His wife, Awo Suleiman, is the woman behind the screen. They are married for eight years and counting. They have eight kids in tow. Their relationship is a happy one.

The most exciting part of their sexy relationship is the sex. Abdirashid and Awo haven’t always been on top of their game, but the couple isn’t a bad match for a guy who has been lucky enough to have the right lady at the right time. They have a surprisingly close bond. Although they aren’t the most socially active of their kind, they do a great job of keeping their kids under the radar. One might assume that they are secretive due to the fact that their kids aren’t celebrities in any conventional sense. Their relationship is one that’s not about money or power, but rather, about making life better for others. Having said that, they aren’t as obnoxious as you might think. They are friendly and they have some pretty impressive karma. The best part is that they haven’t taken a lot of credit for it. The only thorn in their side is a stubborn boss who hasn’t exactly been a fan of the ol’ boy.