A Sneak Peek Inside SRK and Gauri Khan’s Homes

Have you ever wondered what SRK and Gauri Khan live like? Want to know what they do in their spare time? If you’re interested in the latest in Bollywood, here’s a sneak peek inside the stars’ homes. From Shahrukh Khan’s personal library to Gauri Khan’s dream closet, there’s plenty of information to enjoy. You can also get an inside look at Gauri’s office, SRK’s dream closet and more.

Gauri Khan’s office

A peek inside Gauri Khan’s office at her Mumbai bungalow shows off the interior designer’s love for books and art. She’s surrounded by a library of inspirational works and a terrace overlooking the Arabian Sea. Her space is also outfitted with chic furniture and house plants, and she has an area dedicated to work from. Here are the best interior design tips from Gauri Khan. She also uses this space to create art, which she shares in an online video.

Both Gauri Khan and Shahrukh have impressive offices at Mannat House. The former has a vintage-style dressing table and a unique artistic mirror. Gauri Khan’s office, on the other hand, has a minimalist desk and a recording room. Both have taste in art and style, and the space reflects their individual tastes. While Shahrukh’s office has glass shelves, Gauri’s office is more minimalistic.

Shahrukh Khan’s library

If you’re planning to visit Mumbai, you might want to visit Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat house. This landmark of Mumbai is a popular tourist spot, and the house is a must-see! Any day of the week, crowds gather in front of it! While the outside is covered with privacy walls, inside the home, you’ll find five extraordinary things. Read on to discover what they are.

Gauri Khan shares Shahrukh Khan’s love for antiques, and both of them have stunning bedrooms. The bedroom features a grand rug and a stately fur blanket. The walls are covered with contemporary paintings and the bedroom features a big poster bed with black headboard. Gauri Khan and Shahrukh Khan are both successful business owners, and both have their own offices in Mannat.

Gauri Khan’s dream closet

In the new movie ‘Mannat’, Gauri Khan gave viewers a look into her dream closet. The entire space has a white marble floor, a regal leather throne, shelves, racks, and gold detailing. She’s even got her own recording room. Her dream closet is large enough for a woman of her stature to shop for clothes without feeling cramped.

Like her husband Shahrukh Khan, Gauri Khan also shares a love for antiques and designs her space accordingly. The room features a vintage-style dressing table and an artistic mirror. The desk is minimalistic, despite the collection of antiques. Moreover, the closet includes a recording room and a storage space for shoes and other accessories. Gauri Khan’s dream closet also has a walk-in shoe closet, a perfect place for shoes.

The interiors of Gauri Khan’s Mannat house are as stunning as the interiors. The designer-turned-actor’s daughter teamed up with an architect and interior decorator to create the dream closet. In addition to Gauri’s dream closet, the house has a master bedroom and terrace, a personal quarters, and expansive entertainment areas. This is the home where Gauri has her happiest moments.

SRK’s bedroom

If you have been a fan of the superstar and his style, you will surely have been curious to know how the actor has decorated his bedroom in Mannat. In his Mannat house, SRK has installed a walk-in closet for his designer shoes. This closet is adorned with glass sleeves and a vintage dressing table. The actor is known for his regal and elegant dressing style, and his dressing room is no different. The bedroom is illuminated by lights positioned vertically and for portrait display.

SRK’s bedroom in Mannat House is situated on the third floor. The actor has three children with his wife Gauri. They share an elder sister, Shehnaz. In 2001, SRK purchased a heritage bungalow in Mannat, and named it “MANNAT” (mannat, literally, “vow to the gods”). He also added a six-storey building behind the bungalow.